Under Armour Athletes Dominate Baltimore Running Festival Shorter Events

By Clay Shaw

Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Running Festival, October 15, 2022—The Curio Wellness 5K started the Baltimore Running Festival at 7:30 am. Kasey Knevelbaard of Flagstaff, AZ won in 14:05. Willy Fink of Gaithersburg, MD was second in 14:07 and Festus Lagat of Gwynn Oak, MD was third in 14:13.

Susan Ejore of Baltimore was first in 16:15. Ejore was born in Kenya and ran for the University of Oregon. Alycia Cridebring of Flagstaff, AZ was second in 16:19. She ran collegiately at UC Davis. Ellie Leather of Baltimore was third in 16:44. Ellie is a citizen of Great Britain. 2682 finished the 5K.

Alec Basten of St Louis, who ran for University of Minnesota, won the Pandora 10K in 31:48. Brandon Doughty of Lansing, MI was second in 32:52. Ross Kidd of Arbutus, MD was third in 36:59.

Holly Archer of Flagstaff, AZ and a GBR native was first in 35:06. Weini Kelati was credited with second in 40:09. The Eritrean born US citizen was well out in front of the race when the lead cyclist likely missed the 10K turn and led Kelati onto the marathon course. According to Weini’s Instagram stories she had 7.48 miles on her Strava at the finish line. Claudia Saunders of Arlington, VA was third in 4124. 1813 runners ran the 10K.

The CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Half Marathon was the largest race of the festival with 3734 finishers. John Reniewicki of Baltimore won in 1:09:14. Nicholas Gonzalez of Parkville was second in 1:13:14. Zachary Matthews of Cumming, GA was third in 1:13:37.

Mary Lambkin of Vienna, VA was credited with the win in 1:24:40 (gun time) and 1:24:23 (chip time).  Lara Rogers of Baltimore was credited with second in 1:24:37 (gun time) and 1:24:33 (chip time). Our photos have them locked in as they sprinted for the finish. Caryn Just of Baltimore was third in 1:25:35.

The Under Armour elite athletes were highly visible in orange kits.  The Under Armour marathoners in green kits are members of the Under Armour Flow Elite Team comprised of regionally-based athletes.

Half Marathon Top Women

  1. 1:24:40 Mary Lambkin, 35, Vienna, VA
  2. 1:24:37 Lara Rogers, 33, Baltimore, MD
  3. 1:25:35 Caryn Just, 34, Baltimore, MD
  4. 1:26:15 Caroline Bauer, 39, Elkridge, MD
  5. 1:26:54 Gwynne Wright, 24, Baltimore, MD
  6. 1:27:26 Kristen Kohles, 26, Bel Air, MD
  7. 1:28:09 Heather Halberstadt, 46, New York, NY
  8. 1:29:52 Corinne Hamberger, 34, Millersville, PA
  9. 1:30:54 Allison Sheff, 38, Baltimore, MD
  10. 1:32:59 Laura Duklewski, 46, Baltimore, MD

Half Marathon Top Men

  1. 1:09:14 John Reniewicki, 27, Baltimore, MD
  2. 1:13:14 Nicholas Gonzalez, 19, Parkville, MD
  3. 1:13:37 Zachary Matthews, 26, Cumming, GA
  4. 1:13:48 Ty Stump, 31, Camp Hill, PA
  5. 1:14:01 Mike Secreti, 27, Cumberland, MD
  6. 1:14:13 Rob Dettmann, 24, Baltimore, MD
  7. 1:16:25 Jonathan Cheng, 39, Baltimore, MD
  8. 1:16:54 Max Lessans, 22, Lancaster, PA
  9. 1:17:37 Mike Williams, 32, Harrison City, PA
  10. 1:17:40 Jason Hershman, 34, Lutherville-Timonium, MD

10K Top Women

  1. 35:06 Holly Archer, 28, Flagstaff, AZ
  2. 40:09 Weini Kelati, 25, Flagstaff, AZ
  3. 41:24 Claudia Saunders, 28, Arlington, VA

10K Top Men

  1. 31:48 Alec Basten, 24, St Louis, MO
  2. 32:52 Brandon Doughty, 29, Lansing, MI
  3. 36:59 Ross Kidd, 23, Arbutus, MD

5K Top Women

  1. 16:15 Susan Ejore, 26, Baltimore, MD
  2. 16:19 Alycia Cridebring, 30, Flagstaff, AZ
  3. 16:44 Ellie Leather, 23, Baltimore, MD

5K Top Men

  1. 14:05 Kasey Knevelbaard, 26, Flagstaff, AZ
  2. 14:07 Willy Fink, 28, Gaithersburg, MD
  3. 14:13 Festus Lagat, 26, Gwynn Oak, MD
Lara Rogers #20636 of Baltimore and Mary Lambkin of Vienna, VA finishing the CareFirst Half-Marathon. Lambkin was listed as the winner with a chip of 1:24:23. Rogers was chipped at 1:24:33 but had a faster gun time by three seconds.
John Reniewicki of Baltimore wins the CareFirst Half Marathon in 1:09:14. John ran collegiately at Arizona State.
Holly Archer of Flagstaff, AZ wins the Pandora 10K in 35:06. Archer is a citizen of Great Britain.
Alec Basten of St Louis, MO wins the Pandora 10K in 31:48.
Caryn Just of Baltimore was third in the CareFirst Half Marathon in 1:25:35.
Curio Wellness 5K start. Kasey Knevelbaard #5313 won it in 14:05. Festus Lagat #5472 and Willy Fink #5311 also finished top three.

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