Roman-Duval and Creese Win Baltimore Marathon

By Clay Shaw

Baltimore, MD, October 15, 2022—Julia Roman-Duval of Columbia, MD won the Baltimore Marathon for the second time. Julia, who is a dual citizen for USA an France, won in 2:46:53.  Julia won the Baltimore Marathon in 2017.  Megan DiGregorio of Baltimore was second in a personal best of 2:54:25.  Nicky Tamberrino of Monkton, MD was third in 3:03:21.  Roman-Duval, and Tamberrino are both masters runners.

Robert Creese of Mt Airy, MD won the 2022 Baltimore Marathon in 2:26:47, running his first marathon.  Creese who starred at Penn State University, ran the 1500 meters in the 2016 US Olympic Trials.  Daniel Rowe of Baltimore was second in 2:32:18.  Tyler Muse of Salisbury, MD was third in 2:32:18.  Michael Heimes of Reading, PA was top master and fifth overall in 2:35:12.

1694 runners finished the 2022 Baltimore, that started at Camden Yards on Eutaw Street, where epic home run blasts land in right field. 

Top Women

  1. 2:46:53 Julia Roman-Duval, 40, Columbia, MD
  2. 2:54:25 Megan DiGregorio, 34, Baltimore, MD
  3. 3:03:29 Nicky Tamberrino, 42, Monkton, MD
  4. 3:05:58 Lizzie Royer, 29, Baltimore, MD
  5. 3:07:19 Kristen Kelman, 34, Germantown, MD
  6. 3:10:30 Jennifer Karkoska, 31, Hanover, PA
  7. 3:15:05 Sarah Keshishian, 29, Rosedale, MD
  8. 3:16:27 Danielle Bowen, 30, Baltimore, MD
  9. 3:17:29 Mikka Kei MacDonald, 28, Washington, DC
  10. 3:19:38 Jessica Ponds, 40, Ellicott City, MD

Top Men

  1. 2:26:47 Robert Creese, 29, Mount Airy, MD
  2. 2:29:05 Daniel Rowe, 38, Baltimore, MD
  3. 2:32:18 Tyler Muse, 29, Salisbury, MD
  4. 2:32:32 Nicolas Crouzier, 37, Darnestown, MD
  5. 2:35:12 Michael Heimes, 44, Reading, PA
  6. 2:36:42 Patrick Blair, 41, Catonsville, MD
  7. 2:37:14 Spencer Nousain, 28, Alexandria, VA
  8. 2:38:28 Matthew Howard, 31, Arlington, VA
  9. 2:40:18 Zach Kaminski, 30, Baltimore, MD
  10. 2:41:39 Brian Clapp, 34, Smithfield, VA

Julia Roman-Duval of Columbia, MD ran strong throughout the 2022 event, winning her second Baltimore Marathon with a time of 2:46:53.
Robert Creese of Mt. Airy, MD cruises through the first half of the Baltimore Marathon. Creese had a rough go in the final few miles, but won his first marathon in 2:26:47.
Megan DiGregorio #1463 of Baltimore finished second in a PB of 2:54:25. Courtney Barnes #1459 of Santa Barbara, CA paces Megan near the halfway point.
Daniel Rowe of Baltimore was second overall in 2:29:05. Michael Heimes #1467 of Reading, PA was fifth and top master in 2:35:12.
Tyler Muse of Salisbury, MD was third overall in 2:32:18.
Nicky Tamberrino of Monkton, MD, running relaxed near the halfway point, would finish third in 3:03:29.
Lizzie Royer of Baltimore was fourth in 3:05:58.
Mikka Ket MacDonald #1474 of Washington, DC runs with Kristen Kelman of Germantown, MD at nine miles. MacDonald was ninth in 3:17:29. Kelman was fifth in 3:07:19.
Sarah Keshishian of Rosedale, MD was in high spirits at mile 12. She was equally spirited when she finished seventh in 3:15:05.
Jessica Ponds of Ellicott City enjoys a treat at mile 12. Ponds was tenth in 3:19:38.

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