Roman-Duval Captures Fifth Win and Doud Captures Top Male at Annapolis 10 Mile

Story and Photos by George Banker

In its 47-year history, the Annapolis 10-Mile Run has been canceled three times (2011 Hurricane Irene, 2020-21 for the COVID-19 pandemic). Each year the race delivers on heat, humidity, and hills. On Sunday, August 28, 2022, the runners were not disappointed. The race started and finished at the Navy-Marine Stadium which opened in 1959.

Going into the fourth mile the runners faced the 80-foot span bridge over the Severn River which replaced a flat bridge in 1994. The lead runner up the bridge was Samuel Doud of Washington. The leading female at the bridge was Julia Roman-Duval of Columbia, MD. Roman-Duval is the only four-time female winner. The balance of the race was to determine if number five was going to play out. The challenging part of the course was the remaining miles until the return to the bridge after mile 7.

The male event record was set in 1980 by Terry Baker (48:09) and the female time was set by Eleanor Simonsick in 1982 (56:12). James Pryde set the master time in 1994 (53:48) and the female time was set by seven-time master winner Rose Malloy in 1991 (1:00:36).

On the return, Doud had secured a solid lead on the men’s side. At the crest of the bridge he was on his way into the history books.

“I anticipated people would be conservative at the start, so I went hard from the start to establish that you must come get me. Right as I went over the bridge into the hills, Tyler Muse dropped back about 100 meters for whatever reason and when that happens, typically there’s no coming back, so I knew I had it locked up there,” stated Doud.

Roman-Duval was a double winner as overall female for the fifth time and third to win as a master. Roman-Duval’s time was the 27th fastest open time and the seventh master.

“My plan was to try and take the lead from the start and keep it. I had checked the list of female runners beforehand and had not seen anyone who could outrun me from the start, so that did not seem like an unreasonable plan. This was my first longer race since I had surgery for a severe case of Haglund’s deformity and a torn Achilles tendon 11 months ago, so I was still very much testing my endurance,“ stated Roman-Duval.

A few notables in the field were Jim Hage the 1987 (50:01) and 1990 (51:21) overall and three-time master winner (2002-2004). Hage’s Annapolis time was 1:14:16.

Alexander Hetherington was the 2004 winner (56:16) and the first master in 2013 (58:25). Hetherington’s Annapolis time was 1:02:40.

Jill Snyder (formerly Hargis) was the 2000 winner (1:01:30) and the first master in 2001 (1:05:17). Snyder’s Annapolis was 1:24:10.

Mary Wittenberg (formerly Robertson) finished in a time of 1:36:57. In 1987 Robertson was the winner of the 12th Marine Corps Marathon (1987- 2:44:36). In 2005 Wittenberg became the first women to hold the title of president and CEO of the New York Road Runners Club and director of New York City Marathon. She held the position until 2015.

“I wanted to treat it as a long tempo run to help me train for the Steamtown Marathon in October. I knew I was going to go out fast for the first couple miles, but then I wanted to set into a nice comfortable pace that I could hold until the last 2 miles,” stated Midship Josh Doughty who finished with a time of 1:02:59.

“I set a goal pace of 6:20 and told myself that I couldn’t run slower than that. I ended up beating that goal by a lot, and it’s a great confidence boost going into my next marathon in October,” stated Midshipmen Joe Chase who finished with a time of 1:00:41.

Top Women

  1. 1:00:55 Julia Roman-Duval, 40, Columbia, MD
  2. 1:02:29 Laurel Le Moigne, 37, Springfield, VA
  3. 1:02:51 Silvia Baage, 41, Rockville, MD
  4. 1:03:08 Hannah Guerard, 30, Alexandria, VA
  5. 1:03:59 Caroline Bauer, 39, Elkridge, MD
  6. 1:05:05 Natalie Daniels, 30, Fredericksburg, VA
  7. 1:05:41 Gabrielle McKenzie, 31, Arlington, VA
  8. 1:06:09 Katie Demers, 32, Chesapeake Beach, MD
  9. 1:06:24 Lindsay Wilkins, 44, Arlington, VA
  10. 1:07:26 Whitney Heavner, 38, Bethesda, MD

Top Men

  1. 53:05 Samuel Doud, 26, Washington, DC
  2. 53:51 Tyler Muse, 28, Bel Air, MD
  3. 53:53 Daniel Nally, 37, Littleton, CO
  4. 54:30 Christopher Sloane, 39, Rockville, MD
  5. 55:01 John Bowers, 22, Annapolis, MD
  6. 55:55 Christopher Bourke, 34, Arlington, VA
  7. 56:05 Luke Termorshuizen, 21, Annapolis, MD
  8. 57:06 Sean Casey, 22, Vienna, VA
  9. 57:19 Elliott Shultz, 23, Annapolis, MD
  10. 57:28 Ashwin Briggs, 22, Annapolis, MD

#1 Julia Roman-Duval on the way to her 5th win 1:00:55
Sam Doud won men’s race in 53:05
#1516 Laurel Le Moigne 2nd Place 1:02:29
#3 Silvia Baage 3rd 1:02:51
#2828 Lindsay Wilkerson (Award 1st master 1:06:24)
Mary Wittenberg 1:36:57. Winner 12th MCM 1987 (2:44:36), 2005-2015 President and CEO NYRRC and Race Director TCS NY Marathon, the first woman to hold the position.
#402 Joe Chase USNA Midshipmen – 24th 1:00:41
#699 Josh Doughty USNA Midshipman 33rd 1:02:59
#2011 Domani Occansey USNA Midshipman 31st 1:02:33
#1151 Alex Hetherington 2004 Winner (56:16) 2013 1st Master (58:25) Ret’d LtCol USMC. 2022 1st Grand Master 1:02:40. MCM Hall of Fame. A10 32nd 1:02:40
#10 Jim Hage – 1990 1st 51:21, 987 1st 50:01, 1st Master 2002-54:39, 2003-54:14, 2004-56:32. MCM Hall of Fame. A10 – 1:14:56
USNA Marathon Team Coach Ned Nudleman
Bridge Shot Mile 4
#1020 Mary Beth Green #1184 Deidre Hoey (1:32:02)
#2364 Alexandra Sayre, #731 Katie Livingston, #1577 Michelle Eckhoff, #2721 Nadia Vassou
Group at Mile 4 on the bridge
#449 Offie Clark “Mr. Maryland”
Evan Thomas

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