Hiestand and Doherty Win Bird-In-Hand Half Marathon

By Clay Shaw

Bird-In-Hand, PA, September 10, 2022—Michael Hiestand of Williamsport, PA, following the race’s lead vehicle, an Amish cart, went wire to wire for the victory on the hills of Lancaster County, in 1:17:59.  Andrew Yoder of Charlottesville, VA was second in 1:19:24.  James Weaver of Denver, PA was third in 1:21:12.  Jeremy Gardner of Baltimore, MD was seventh and top master in 1:24:35.

Elizabeth Doherty of Lancaster was first overall and top master, in 1:27:03.  Dee Koutsourais of Mohnton, PA was second in 1:28:48.  Nicole Unger of Great Neck, NY was third in 1:29:39.

1409 participants completed the Bird-In-Hand Half-Marathon.  Completion of both Bird-In-Hand and Garden Spot (March) Half Marathons earn athletes the special “poop” award.  My workout room has four of them.  But, I think it’s better if I stick to cycling and photographing.

Top Women

  1. 1:27:03 Elizabeth Doherty, 42, Lancaster
  2. 1:28:40 Dee Koutsourais, 37, Mohnton
  3. 1:29:39 Nicole Unger, 35, Great Neck, NY
  4. 1:29:44 Madelena Rizzo, 30, Wyncote
  5. 1:31:19 Mariana Folco, 35, Philadelphia
  6. 1:34:27 Ekaterina Aaron, 24, Norfolk, VA
  7. 1:34:45 Amy Konopka, 43, Scottsville, NY
  8. 1:40:59 Robin Alexander, 33, Camp Hill
  9. 1:41:30 Gretchen Stevenson, 36, Akron
  10. 1:41:48 Jenna Stover, 30, Lancaster

Top Men

  1. 1:17:59 Michael Hiestand, 28, Williamsport
  2. 1:19:24 Andrew Yoder, 29, Charlottesville, VA
  3. 1:21:12 James Weaver, 30, Denver
  4. 1:21:40 Caleb Sneller, 23, Lancaster
  5. 1:22:03 Jake Thorsen, 32, Lancaster
  6. 1:22:49 Doug Wingate, 37, Elizabethtown
  7. 1:24:35 Jeremy Gardner, 44, Baltimore, MD
  8. 1:25:24 Elias Adams, 51, Jonestown
  9. 1:26:49 Ben Beiler, 28, Ronks
  10. 1:27:24 Keith Winder, 42, Lancaster
Michael Hiestand of Williamsport, PA follows the “lead vehicle” on the Hess Road hill during the Bird-In-Hand Half Marathon. Hiestand won in 1:17:59.
Elizabeth Doherty of Lancaster and Madelena Rizzo of Wyncote share the lead in the early miles of the Bird-In-Hand Half Marathon. Doherty won in 1:27:03. Rizzo was fourth in 1:29:44. Rizzo was the winner of the March 2022 Garden Spot Half Marathon.
Dee Koutsourais of Mohnton runs strong in the final stages of the BIH half to place second in 1:28:48.
Nicole Unger of Great Neck, NY was third in 1:29:39. Ekaterina Aaron #2000 of Norfolk, VA was sixth in 1:34:27.
Mariano Folco of Philadelphia was fifth in 1:31:19. Mani Potnuru #3219 of Philadelphia and Christopher Moore #3050 of Glenside, PA share the pace.
Jake Thorsen of Lancaster cruises through the Amish farmland on his way to fifth overall in 1:22:03.
Amy Konopka of Scottsville, NY battles Ekaterina Aaron of Norfolk, VA in the final mile of the BIH half. Konopka was seventh and second master in 1:34:55. Aaron was sixth in 1:34:27.
Gretchen Stevenson of Akron, PA was ninth in 1:41:30.
Ben Beiler of Ronks placed 9th overall in 1:26:49.
Victor Kokta of Laval, Quebec, Canada gives “thumbs up” as he ran 1:31:09 and was 28th overall and third in 50-54 age group.
Samuel Dienner #2316 of Millerstown, David Beiler #2087 of Ronks and Patrick McGarvey #2980 of Drexel Hill head east through the farms during the Bird-In-Hand Half Marathon.
You fooled me, Anabelle Broadbent #2154. Story to follow.
David Beiler of Ronks was 22nd in 1:29:51.
Benuel Stoltzfus of Parkesburg was 48th in 1:35:04.
Melissa Farley of Pittstown, NJ ran 1:44:49.
Kristy Burnett of Wilmington, DE ran 1:46:07 and was 25th.
Uh oh, here comes the peloton!
Susan Dagerness of Littleton, CO ran 2:04:30. One of our three Colorado nieces also lives in Littleton. Small World.
Trisha Wallace of Cleburne, TX enjoys the Bird-In-Hand Half Marathon. The event has grown to be a “destination” race, deservingly so.

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