Shank and Boward Win Ausherman 5 Miler

By Clay Shaw

Chambersburg, PA. August 13, 2022—The Tom Ausherman 5 Miler was seemingly lost forever, like many other Pennsylvania favorites. Thanks to the Dymond family and others, the race took place on its usual second Saturday in August. 

Kevin Shank of Mt. Holly Springs won in 26:41. Andrew Diehl of Carlisle was second in 27:15. Both runners were under 19-years-old. Ryan Hartzel of Enola, PA was third in 27:42. Masters runner John Ladesic of Olney, MD was fourth in 28:42.

Sarah Boward of Chambersburg was first overall in 33:03. Race director Laurie Dymond of Chambersburg was second overall in 33:27. To be able to direct a race and run it, too, leads to two thoughts – being fast enough to do it and having great race-day help.  Both Boward and Dymond are masters runners. I don’t know how the really cool mugs (awards) were distributed, but for editorial purposes Boward and Dymond were both first and second overall and first and second master. In third overall, Christine Herman (not a master) of Shippensburg ran 33:42. Kate Thompson of Chambersburg was fourth overall in 34:13, and third master. Corrine Baronner of Shepherdstown, WV was fifth in 34:21. 

130 runners completed the Tom Ausherman 5 Miler. Runners of Central PA (and neighbors in nearby Maryland and Virginia) need to support our existing races by participating (even when not in PR shape), volunteering, and sponsoring, if possible.  Thank you to the Dymonds for taking over in 2022.  Big shout out to race founder and long time race director John Ausherman. 

Top Women

  1. 33:03 Sarah Boward, 40-44, Chambersburg
  2. 33:27 Laurie Dymond, 55-59, Chambersburg
  3. 33:42 Christina Herman, 35-39, Shippensburg
  4. 34:13 Katie Thompson, 40-44, Chambersburg
  5. 34:21 Corinne Baronner, 25-29, Shepherdstown, WV
  6. 34:53 Michey Moody, 25-29, Hagerstown, MD
  7. 35:07 Gretal Shank, 16-19, Mt Holly Springs
  8. 36:03 Olivia Colli, 16-19, Chambersburg
  9. 37:08 Ella Blanco, 13-15, Hagerstown, MD
  10. 37:11 Amy Blanco, 45-49, Hagerstown, MD

Top Men

  1. 26:41 Kevin Shank, 16-19, Mt Holly Springs
  2. 27:15 Andrew Diehl, 16-19, Carlisle
  3. 27:42 Ryan Hartzel, 30-34, Enola
  4. 28:42 John Ladesic, 40-44, Olney, MD
  5. 29:04 Christopher Diaz, 20-24, Carlisle
  6. 29:19 Aiden Alleman, 13-15, Fayetteville
  7. 29:33 Adam Lowe, 40-44, Martinsburg, WV
  8. 30:00 Michael Day, 40-44, Chambersburg
  9. 30:13 Denver Norcross, 20-24, Greencastle
  10. 31:03 Andrew Feldman, 20-24, Chambersburg
Sarah Boward of Chambersburg led from start to finish, winning in 33:03.
Kevin Shank (no shirt) of Mt Holly Springs leads the pack of four early in the race. Shank won in 26:41.
Race director Laurie Dymond of Chambersburg was second overall in 33:27. It is understood that if a race director runs their own race they need to be both fast and have a good staff.
Isabella Dymond, daughter of race director rocks the USA kit.
John Ladesic of Olney, MD was fourth overall in 28:42, with a great looking Croatia vest/singlet.
Gretal Shank of Mt Holly Springs is all out toward the finish line, finishing seventh in 35:07. Kirk Clever of Chambersburg nipped her by one second and earned second in the 45-49 group.
Dave McSherry of Camp Hill, long-time runner and racer, placed third in the 65-69 in 48:18.

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