Gash and Reiser Conquer Dreaded Druid Hills

by Clay Shaw

Baltimore, MD, August 20, 2022—Langston Gash of Parkville, MD won the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k Run in 34:27. Daniel Rowe of Baltimore was second in 34:38.  Jake Fowler of Mendham, NJ was third in 36:37.  Brendan Lilley of Baltimore, who was tenth overall in 40:17, was the top master.

Mary Reiser of Baltimore won the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k Run in 40:41.   Abby Potticary of Baltimore was second in 41:35.  Courtney Wallace of Baltimore was third in 41:51.  Kate Deanehan of Baltimore was top master and seventh overall in 44:18.

273 participants completed the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K Run.

Top Women

  1. 40:41 Mary Reiser, 27, Baltimore, MD
  2. 41:35 Abby Potticary, 21, Baltimore, MD
  3. 41:51 Courtney Wallace, 25, Baltimore, MD
  4. 42:04 Clare Farley, 26, Baltimore, MD
  5. 43:35 Luisa Fairfax, 36, Baltimore, MD
  6. 43:48 Carly Dillen, 36, Baltimore, MD
  7. 44:18 Kate Deanehan, 44, Baltimore, MD
  8. 44:17 Marie-France Vidave, 43, Baltimore, MD
  9. 48:55 Rakcah Colon, 43, Baltimore, MD
  10. 49:28 Megan Blue, 33, Baltimore, MD

Top Men

  1. 34:27 Langston Gash, 25, Parkville, MD
  2. 34:38 Daniel Rowe, 38, Baltimore, MD
  3. 36:37 Jake Fowler 22, Mendam, NJ
  4. 37:28 Joseph Lapiana, 25, Batimore, MD
  5. 37:26 Paul Turner, 32, Baltimore, MD
  6. 37:34 Scott Osdras, 32, Baltimore, MD
  7. 38:10 Conrad Laskowski, 36, Baltimore, MD
  8. 38:44 John Ford, 30, Phoenix, MD
  9. 39:29 Ryan Fan, 25, Baltimore, MD
  10. 40:17 Brendan Lilley, 46, Baltimore, MD
Mary Reiser of Baltimore seemingly ran alone much of the race, as she won the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K in 40:41.
Langston Gash of Parkville, MD speeds to victory in the closing meters of the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K. Gash won in 34:27.
Abby Potticary of Baltimore, charges through Druid Hill Park to place second in 41:35.
Rakcah Colon of Baltimore is all smiles as she raced to ninth overall in 48:55.
Luisa Fairfax of Baltimore placed fifth in 43:35.
Falls Road pink kits were in order as Marie-France Vidave #283, and Carly Dillen #308 of Baltimore both place in the top ten.
Alex Bardakh of Baltimore proudly wears Ukraine kit in the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K.
Kate Deanehan #60 and Luisa Fairfax #84 both of Baltimore race uphill early in the race.
Rachel Rosenblatt of Pikesville, MD runs by an artwork garden in the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K.

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