Poet’s Corner August 2022

by George Hancock

On a Dark Run 

Hello darkness my old friend
My dawn daylight does end
Every year it’s the same thing
Quiet dark without bird song.

Thankfully, it’s not at once 
I’m not a running dunce
Every day the light shrinks
Runners realize this stinks.

Steadily we’re on a dark run
Lacking the delicious dawn sun 
This is our morning road view
Shrinking daylight right on cue. 

We carry a handy road light
It’s rechargeable offering sight
While alerting motorists to us
Thus preventing any road fuss.

Daylight will return one day
When spring nears our way
Darkness we must deal with
States this road wordsmith. 

August 2022 

Monday begins our August run
For me, without the dawn sun
It’s dark again, yet I run on
Morning runs need no coupon.

We have 31 days of summer fun
Well, for students summer’s done
Many students are back in school
As August temps make us drool.

Our early morns are still warm
Allowing critters to swarm 
Across the late summer ground
Before autumn comes around. 

Late August gives us a peek
At glorious colors many seek
Autumn colors appear in spots
Lower where the sun never trots.

August is summer’s last hurrah
Mother Nature will soon draw 
A magnificent seasonal scene 
Across summer’s lavish green.

School’s In 

The academic year begins soon
We hear the “school’s in” tune  
Players are out on the fields 
Practicing for future fall yields.

Traffic increases at the schools 
And decreases at the local pools
The local university is ready to go
As the crews continue to mow.

This route is no longer a quiet spot
As I trot across a busy parking lot
It’s August, and there’s more to do
As many bid summer a fond adieu.

Buses and those many school vans
Pass by me in huge long caravans 
They’re ready for the school year 
Hauling students they hold dear. 

Late summer days continue on
As this runner gazes upon
Organized chaos in motion
Smiling at the commotion. 
(Photo courtesy of Patti Stirk)

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