Mosip and Mananu Win Final Debbie Green 5K

by Clay Shaw

Wheeling, WV, August 7, 2022, Debbie Green Memorial 5k (25th and final running)—Race director Ron Green carefully decided that the 25th running of the Debbie Green Memorial 5K in 2022 would be the last and final race.  While it’s very sad to lose yet another good road race, it was also well thought out by the Green family for the right reasons.  Over the years the event earned funds to help fight childhood cancers and individual fund recipients.

Reuben Mosip of Kenya toured downtown Wheeling with the Lomong brothers before pulling away at mile 1 and running solo for the win in 14:18.

Peter Lomong (14:52), and Alexander Lomong (15:42) of Fork Union, Virginia finished in the other two podium positions.  (2008 USA Olympian Lopez Lomong is another brother.) The younger Lomongs were born in South Sudan, moved to Juja, Kenya, and to the USA in 2009.  Known to many as the “Lost Boys of Sudan”  Peter ran at Northern Arizona University; Alexander ran for Iowa State.

Caleb Keller of Charleston, WV was fourth male in 15:57. Cade Robinson of Bridgeport, WV was fifth in 16:17.  Michael Guinn of Follansbee, WV was top master in 16:39.

Mary Mananu of Kenya, the 2021 champion, won again in 2022 with a 15:49, earning a sub-16-minute time bonus. Former University of Michigan runner Audrey Belf of Arlington, VA was second in 17:02. Kelsey Chambers of Buckhannon, WV was third in 19:08. Hannah Kemp of Bethesda, OH was fourth in 19:11. Zoe Zervos, 13, of Moundsville, WV was fifth in 20:32.  Shannon Thompson of Flagstaff, AZ was top master in 23:04, placing tenth overall.

311 runners finished the 5K, with a walk division of 277, giving the final Debbie Green 5K a final total of 608 finishers.

The Green Mile was held twenty-four hours earlier, on Saturday morning.  Danah Phillips won in 4:36.3, Cedric Robinson was second in 4:50.1, and Casey Hancock third in 4:50.3.

Haley Heitz of Wheeling, WV won in 6:07.6, Laurel Shipley was second in 6:59.9, and Kendryl Brandon placing third in 7:15.3.

A big thank you to Ron Green and his family, volunteers that really put Wheeling on the map for good racing, a family/community event, and awesome work with charity.  Ron put his heart and soul into this event for 25 years. I started photographing it in 2011 and the race became a must on my calendar.

Top Women

  1. 15:49 Mary Munanu, 27, Kenya
  2. 17:02 Audrey Belf, 25, Arlington, VA
  3. 19:08 Kelsey Chambers, 26, Buckhannon, WV
  4. 19:11 Hannah Kemp, 21, Bethesda, OH
  5. 20:32 Zoe Zervos, 13, Moundsville, WV
  6. 20:37 Zara Zervos, 19, Moundsville, WV
  7. 21:44 Shea Reinberg, 24, Wheeling, WV
  8. 21:58 Haley Heitz, 18, Wheeling, WV
  9. 22:05 Ally Hicks, 18, Cameron, WV
  10. 23:04 Shannon Thompson, 40, Flagstaff, AZ

Top Men

  1. 14:18 Reuben Mosip, 20, Kenya
  2. 14:54 Peter Lomong, 25, Fork Union, VA
  3. 15:42 Alexander Lomong, 23, Fork Union, VA
  4. 15:57 Caleb Keller, 30, Charleston, WV
  5. 16:17 Cade Robinson, 20, Bridgeport, WV
  6. 16:19 Brenden Sands, 21, West Liberty, WV
  7. 16:21 Mark Allen, 18, Moundsville, WV
  8. 16:26 Bryce Childers, 23, Stonewood, WV
  9. 16:27 Brody Cermak, 21, Dillonvale, OH
  10. 16:39 Michael Guinn, 41, Follansbee, WV
Reuben Mosip of Kenya has a large lead as he heads back to the Wheeling Waterfront. Mosip won in 14:18.
Mary Munanu of Kenya wins in 15:49.
Mary Munanu of Kenya earned her second straight title, as well as a time bonus. Munanu ran 15:49, with only the three men ahead of her.
Kelsey Chambers of Buckhannon, WV placed third in 19:08, just ahead of Hannah Kemp of Bethesda, OH. Kemp was fourth in 19:11.
Zoe Zervos of Moundsville, WV places fifth in 2032. Her sister Zara Zervos was sixth in 20:37.
The elite field and others ready to go at the final and 25th Debbie Green 5K.
Peter Lomong #729 and his brother Alexander Lomong #730 of Fork Union, VA share the lead with Reuben Mosip #789 of Kenya. Women’s champion Mary Munanu #792 of Kenya is also charging through downtown Wheeling.
Peter Lomong #729, Reuben Mosip #789 and Alexander Lomong #730 make it a 3-man race early.
Miguel Encinas of Bridgeport, OH finishes with the USA flag along the Wheeling Waterfront.
Ron Green, race director and organizer of the Debbie Green 5K and associated events for 25 years. Thank you, Ron.
Young kids competition at Debbie’s Dash
Haley Heitz of Wheeing, WV wins the Green Mile in 6:07.6.
Danah Phillips won the Green Mile in 4:36.3.
Happy Pittsburgh trio: Sharise Nance #794, Kaiyauna Bailey #470, and Arleen Miller #776
Four children are happy winners of new bikes after running Debbie’s Dash.
For 25 years, families enjoyed the Debbie Green events.

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