A More Leisurely Pace

Pheidippides is off my back;

I feel like an addict who’s shaken crack.

Now I can slow and smell the roses

Instead of abusing my quads and my toeses.

But I don’t intend to come to a stop;

I’d grow old and fat and finally drop.

Enjoy the hills and climb the trails,

See what the rest of my life entails.

No need to always run with the hares,

I’ll just slip along now, more like the snails.

For 64 years I ran and competed;

Now that I’ve run my final race,

It’s time to pursue a more leisurely pace.

Noah Bagel

Categories: Poet's Corner

2 replies

  1. good stuff….you’re 4 months ahead of me, and have been thinking the same….now to have fun and enjoy the run


  2. Someone famous once said, “Getting old sucks!”


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