Rich and Hawes Win Very Hot Squaw Peak 50

By Clay Shaw

Provo, UT, June 11, 2022, 26th Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run—Jesse Rich of Salt Lake City won the 26th Annual Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run in 8:31:02.  He won the 50-mile race by 40 minutes, in likely the hottest year in the 26- year history of the race.

Hilary Hawes of Saratoga Springs, UT won in 10:10:12 in her very first ultra.  Only six men finished ahead of Hawes; those six men were the only finishers under ten hours on the very hot day.

Nicholas Sourlos of Draper, UT was second and first master in 9:11:59.  James MacDonald of Provo, UT was third and second master in 9:14:06.  Michael Braman of Provo, UT was fourth in 9:45:07.  Jeremy Hurl of Draper, UT was fifth and third master in 9:51:35.  Ian Farris of Draper, UT was seventh in 9:55:35, and he’s a master, too.  Race Director John Bozung has carvings for top two overall and top two masters, so not sure how this played out with no double-dipping. 

Elizabeth Helland of Colorado Springs, CO was second in 10:18:07 and she’s a master.  Megan Drake of Orem, UT was third in 10:28:28.  Lori Castagnetto of Provo, UT was fourth and second master in 11:08:42.  Laynie Markisich of Salt Lake City was fifth in 11:31:08.  Megan Bowen of Bozeman, MT was sixth in 11:37:12.  

The heat took quite a toll on the finisher count and the start count as well.  222 total finishers completed 50 miles in the stifling heat.  42 women and 180 men finished.  320 were registered, and many took the generous deferment to 2023.

Top Women

  1. 10:10:12 Hilary Hawes, 31, Saratoga Springs, UT
  2. 10:18:07 Elizabeth Helland, 44, Colorado Springs, CO
  3. 10:28:28 Megan Drake, 24, Orem, UT
  4. 11:08:42 Lori Castagnetto, 43, Provo, UT
  5. 11:31:42 Laynie Markisich, 39, Salt Lake City, UT
  6. 11:37:12 Megan Bowen, 35, Bozeman, MT
  7. 11:59:36 Rhandi Orme, 38, Kaysville, UT
  8. 12:09:45 Jessi Morton-Langehaug, 43, Sandy, UT
  9. 12:20:09 Elissa Price, 41, Ouray, CO
  10. 12:37:31 Jennie Smith, 42, Spanish Fork, UT
  11. 12:46:25 Heidi Bennett, 45, Cedar Falls, UT
  12. 12:57:46 Sierra Degroff, 31, Las Vegas, NV
  13. 12:57:47 Maia Detmer, 40, Las Vegas, NV
  14. 13:07:59 Nicole Low-McBride, 42, Farmington, UT
  15. 13:17:48 Christine Casafy, 45, Sandy, UT

Top Men

  1. 8:31:02 Jesse Rich, 32, Salt Lake City, UT
  2. 9:11:59 Nicholas Sourlos, 44, Draper, UT
  3. 9:14:06 James MacDonald, 41, Provo, UT
  4. 9:45:07 Michael Braman, 38, Provo, UT
  5. 9:51:35 Jeremy Hurl, 46, Draper, UT
  6. 9:55:25 Ian Farris, 40, Draper, UT
  7. 10:10:12 Matthew Van Horn, 51, Farmington, UT
  8. 10:12:56 Ben Powell, 26, St George, UT
  9. 10:27:35 Darrell Roundy, 35, Salt Lake City, UT
  10. 10:38:48 Joseph Taylor, 50, Salt Lake City, UT
  11. 10:39:15 Jake Harris, 35, Springville, UT
  12. 10:42:41 Tyler Larrabee, 34, Lehi, UT
  13. 10:46:36 Robert Lund, 32, Saratoga Springs, UT
  14. 10:48:42 Patrick Oborn, 49, Pleasant Grove, UT
  15. 10:51:11 Holden Sanderson, 26, Spanish Fork, UT
The Squaw Peak 50 Mile race course is just simply beautiful.
Hilary Hawes of Saratoga Springs, UT won her first ever ultra in 10:10:12.
Bill Hiatt of Orem ran 12:48:58 and earned a 5-year vest
Megan Drake of Orem, UT runs on the ridge overlooking Provo/Orem at daybreak. Megan placed third in 10:28;28
Yekaterina Petrova of Parker, CO was 23rd in 14:44:18.
James MacDonald of Provo was third overall in 9:14:06.
Michael Braman of Provo finished fourth overall in 9:45:07.
Brady Elliott of Ogden, UT times his jump perfectly with Utah Lake in the background Elliott was 69th in 13:19:53.
Brittney Street of New Castle, CO was 21st in 14:23:19.
Jeremy Hurl, Draper, UT, was fifth overall in 9:51:35.
Constance Wannamaker of El Paso, TX was 22nd in 14:34:44.
Jessi Morton-Langehaug of Sandy, UT was eighth in 12:09:45.
Joseph Taylor of Salt Lake City was tenth overall in 1:38:48.
Hilary Hawes of Saratoga Springs, UT heads through the meadow on the way to Big Springs, the final aid station. She won her very first ultra in 10:10:12.
Jesse Rich of Salt Lake City has a commanding lead as he heads toward Big Spring and the final stretch. Rich won by over 40 minutes, in 8:31:02.
Felisha Hurst of Provo, UT is a happy Squaw Peak 50 Mile finisher.
Race director John Bozung (center), and 5-year finisher Bill Hiatt (right), with three Las Vegas participants. Sierra Degroff #64, Maia Detmer #67, and Evrhet Milam #180.
A happy group of Squaw Peak 50 Miler runners after a tough, hot day
Yekaterina Petrova of Parker, CO finishes 23rd in 14:44:18. A big thank you to Katya for helping with Friday packet pick-up for 3 hours.
John Bozung with his family. Bryan Bozung (center) came from Coralville, Iowa to run the Squaw Peak 50.
Megan Bowen of Bozeman, MT is all smiles, as she finishes sixth in 11:37:12.
Laynie Markisich of Salt Lake City enjoys the final steps with family; she was fifth in 11:31:42.
Lori Castagnetto of Provo finished fourth in 11:08:42, as family enjoys her final steps towards the finish line.
John Bozung with his expert timers.
Farris family photo after the Squaw Peak 50 Miler

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