Miller and Koutsourais Win Firecracker 5

by Clay Shaw

Ephrata, PA, July 4, 2022—Ian Miller of Lancaster, who ran a strong second at the Lancaster Red Rose in June, wasn’t to be denied and sped through the Ephrata hills in 24:43.  Caleb Hershey of Lebanon was the only runner in sight of Miller, and finished 2nd in 24:57.  F & M runners Nate Alter and Peter Weida ran together much of the way.  Both lost a few seconds, almost making a wrong turn, as your photographer used his outside voice to get them back on course.  Alter was third in 25:41. Weida was fourth in 25:50.  Dan Forry of Columba was fifth in 25:59.   Lyle Stauffer of Ephrata was top master in his hometown race in 27:57.  Stauffer was ninth overall.

Dee Koutsourais of Mohnton, PA won in 31:28; she ran alone in the front for the entire race.  Courtney Gelb of Schnecksville, PA was second in 33:02.  Vanessa Andes of Mountville, PA was third in 33:48.  Mary Campbell of Ephrata was fourth in 33:56.  Kayla Reidenbaugh of Ephrata was fifth in 34:52.  

Karen Lam-Duckett of York was first master in 36:28. Kelly McKinley of York was second master in 36:50.  A fairly large contingent of York runners came to the Lancaster County, due to the recent cancellation of the Shoe House 5 Miler.  396 runners finished the 45th Annual Fourth of July race.

Top Women

  1. 31:28 Dee Koutsourais, 25-29. Mohnton
  2. 33:02 Courtney Gelb, 20-24, Schnecksville
  3. 33:48 Vanessa Andes, 35-39, Mountville
  4. 33:56 Mary Campbell, 20-24, Ephrata
  5. 34:52 Kayla Reidenbaugh, 15-19, Ephrata
  6. 35:18 Madison Kimmel, 15-19, Ephrata
  7. 35:30 Gretchen Stevenson, 35-39, Akron
  8. 36:06 Abby Landis, 30-34, New Holland
  9. 36:06 Caitlin Zecher, 30-34, Lancaster
  10. 36:17 Rachel Stauffer, 25-29, Ephrata
  11. 36:28 Karen Lam-Duckett, 40-44, York
  12. 36:40 Kate Anderson, 30–34, Lancaster
  13. 36:50 Kelly McKinley, 40-44, York
  14. 37:02 Anne Williams, 40-44, Reinholds
  15. 37:04 Monica Hull, 35-39, Lancaster

Top Men

  1. 24:43 Ian Miller, 20-24, Lancaster
  2. 24:57 Caleb Hershey, 15-19, Lebanon
  3. 25:41 Nate Alter, 30-34, Lancaster
  4. 25:50 Peter Weida, 25-29, Lititz
  5. 25:59 Dan Forry, 20-24, Columbia
  6. 26:08 Daniel Myers, 15-19, Lancaster
  7. 27:06 Adam Harringer, 25-29, Akron
  8. 27:24 Brad Sweigart, 30-34, Mechanicsburg
  9. 27:57 Lyle Stauffer, 40-44, Ephrata
  10. 28:40 Timothy Noble, 30-34, Ephrata
  11. 28:49 Andrew Brown, 25-39, Fleetwood
  12. 29:00 Eric Rowits, 30-34, New Holland
  13. 29:01 Mickey Molchany, 30-34, Ephrata
  14. 29:20 Owen Strickler, 15-19, York
  15. 29:26 Nathan Kimmel, 15-19, Ephrata

Dee Koutsourais of Mohnton, PA was the champ with a 31:28.
Ian Miller of Lancaster charges onto the Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail with winning form. Miller won in 24:43.
Courtney Gelb of Schnecksville, PA smiles on her way to placing second overall in 33:02.
Caleb Hershey of Lebanon ran a strong race to finish second overall in 24:57.
Heidi Moebius of Lancaster ran 51:19 and would easily win a 80+ category, if they only had one.
York trio dominates the masters awards. Karen Lam-Duckett was top master overall in 36:28. Kelly McKinley #134 was second master and Megan Dodson #329 was tops in 45-49.
Nate Alter #339 and Peter Weida #211 of the F & M Track Club, charge down Ephrata’s State Street. Alter was third in 25:41 and Weida fourth in 25:50.
Lyle Stauffer of Ephrata was top master in 27:57. Stauffer repeated as top master in his hometown event.
Gretchen Stevenson of Akron, PA was seventh overall in 35:30.
Dave Anderson #281 of Red Lion ran 36:21 to win the 70’s.
Adam Harringer of Akron, PA was seventh overall in 27:06.
Mimi Newcomer of Lancaster was top the 60 group runner and 17th overall in 37:30.
Megan Seip of Ephrata runs through a rainbow, thanks to the Ephrata Fire Department.
Zoe Hill of West Reading and Nora Haefele of Dover turn the corner from the Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail, back to city streets.

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