Poet’s Corner, March 2022

by George A. Hancock

March 13

March 13 is a bright day
Inviting some evening play
It’s Daylight Saving Time
Or, DST in this new rhyme.

Before, dawn was a sight
Now an early run’s tight
Dawn was pushed back
Due to this DST attack.

We need to stop this shift
Saving those who drive swift
I don’t mind morning dark
It never stops my run lark.

It’s time to select just one
Time change is never a pun
DST brings issues for weeks
Adapting creates shrieks.

Most folks prefer DST
On this I readily agree
Pick one and stay there
The end results are fair.

March 2022

March brings spring weather
As winter slips its tether
And escapes for a while
As we spin the warm dial.

Running now without ice
Every morning is nice
Cold weather does get old
Its benefits seldom sold.

More warm spring days
Beneath blue skyways
Are a seasonal treat
Thrilling road athletes.

March is my birthday time
A year older but no crime
Running free every day
Despite that age is OK!

Our spring season is here
We announce in loud cheer
Color and sounds return
As up the hill we churn.

March Songbirds

Our March songbirds are here
Warbling sounds held dear
By runners out on the move
Perfecting their road groove.

Winter’s season is quiet so long
We miss that morning song
Or chorus by feathered friends
As that snowy season ends.

Before dawn the music starts
I enjoy these natural arts
Delightful tunes along my way
Highlight my new running day.

Musical notes on my run
Sometimes with a dawn sun
Is a great March trademark
And colors my morning lark.

Songbirds are another sign
We’re losing winter’s whine
Birds singing, a good thing
To enjoy on our road swing.

Sycamores waiting to leaf out

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