Haines Grabs all the ‘Cookies’ at 39th  10K

By Bev and Bill Bull

BERWICK, PA–David Haines, Madison Township, PA, showed he could not only run for diamonds, but he could also run for cookies!  Haines had finished a solid third with a time of 45:47 at the Diamonds race in Berwick on Thanksgiving Day.  Haines cruised to an easy victory at Run for the Cookies.  Haines ran an excellent 31:45; winning the men’s race by over four minutes.  Fifteen-year-old, Daniel Donlovitz, Moosic, PA, finished second with an impressive time of 35:47.  Nice tune-up for track.

Sixteen-year-old, Lacey Donlovitz, Moosic, PA, was the female winner.  Nice 1-2 placings for the Donlovitz family!

She bested a strong female field which had seen seven runners finish under 45 minutes.  Lacey also had a very good Diamond race; finishing in 14th place.

The top masters were Amy Rome of Dallas, PA (44:11), and Paul Loomis of Bloomsburg, PA (40:31).

There were 193 finishers out of the 215 entrants.

Top Women

  1. 39:36 Lacey Danilovitz, 16, Moosic, PA
  2. 40:19 Eryn Milius, 36, Dallas, PA
  3. 40:40 Whitney Heydenreich, 34, Danville, PA
  4. 43:25 Erica Pagotta, 37, Lehighton, PA
  5. 43:31 Maggie Kozich, 16, Mountaintop, PA

Top Men

  1. 31:45 David Haines, 22, Madison Township, PA
  2. 35:57 Daniel Danilovitz, 15, Moosic, PA
  3. 36:31 Tavian McKenna, 19, Plymouth, PA
  4. 36:35 Michael Batyko, 35, Clarks Summit, PA
  5. 37:55 Andrew Hess, 28, Bloomsburg, PA
Lacey Danilovitz, 16, of Moosic, PA won the 2022 Run for the Cookies 10K in 39:36. (File photo from Run for the Diamonds 2021).
David Haines Madison Township, PA was the runaway champ of the 2022 Run for the Cookies in 31:45. (File photo from Run for the Diamonds 2021).

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