Culmo, Yingling Triumph in the Heat at 25th Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run

By Clay Shaw

PROVO, UT, JUNE 12, 2021—Brian Culmo of Salt Lake City, UT won in 8:00:41. He was very close to going under the eight-hour barrier at the Squaw Peak 50.  The 2021 weather was the warmest of all 25 editions, perhaps slowing down the times as well as the finisher percentage.  Only fellow podium finishers Jacob Grant of Salt Lake City who was second in 8:05:03, and Jose Cruz of Bountiful, UT who was third in 8:41:26 and top master, were under nine hours.

Leah Yingling of Salt Lake City also went well under the nine-hour mark, winning in 8:47:34. Yingling had only the three podium men in front of her.  Yingling was over an hour ahead of second place Darcy Piceu of Boulder, CO who was top master as well as second overall in 9:53:44.  Piceu won Squaw Peak in 2005, with a different last name.  Rebecca Rick of Salt Lake City was third woman, in 10:13:41.

Jake Harris of Springville, UT was the big winner of the day.  Harris finished 41st in 11:10:39.  Harris waited patiently at the finish line for Katie Barney, who did a 14:46:19.  Harris got down on one knee at the finish line and proposed to Barney, who said, “Yes.”

266 finished the 2021 running of the Squaw Peak 50. 358 bib numbers were assigned. Hot weather caused some to rethink starting, while some missed the cutoff time limit at Little Valley (32 miles). 

Race director John Bozung ran his 500th marathon at the Utah Valley Marathon the weekend prior.  Bozung has a monthly marathon streak of 26.2 years, the world’s longest monthly marathon streak.

Top Women

  1. 08:47:34 Leah Yingling, 30, Salt Lake City, UT
  2. 09:53:44 Darcy Piceu, 46, Boulder, CO
  3. 10:13:41 Rebecca Rick, 34, Salt Lake City, UT
  4. 10:14:33 Keri Cannon, 38, South Jordan, UT
  5. 10:36:23 Elizabeth Butler, 38, Salt Lake City, UT
  6. 10:37:43 Andrea Christensen, 40, Saratoga Springs, UT
  7. 10:48:24 Laynie Markisich, 38, Salt Lake City, UT
  8. 10:48:32 Elizabeth Haubert, 26, Durango, CO
  9. 11:03:07 Deanna Morley, 54, Salt Lake City, UT
  10. 11:13:51 Briana Jaskot, 31, Reno, NV
  11. 11:15:15 Lori Castagnett, 42, Provo, UT
  12. 11:23:13 Jo Ann Dillion, 29, South Salt Lake, UT
  13. 11:31:36 Rebecca Flowers, 45, Boulder, CO
  14. 11:35:06 Katie Brown, 34, Cottonwood, UT
  15. 11:37:49 Tiff Schwartz, 33, Salt Lake City, UT
  16. 11:41:37 Shea Mullaney, 32, Salt Lake City, UT
  17. 11:42:39 Natalia Garcia, 29, Mapleton, UT
  18. 11:59:02 Elle Jones, 32, Lehi, UT
  19. 12:06:26 Flavie Dokken, 39, Boulder, CO
  20. 12:07:25 Holly Trapp, 50, Sandy, UT

Top Men

  1. 8:00:41 Brian Culmo, 28, Salt Lake City, UT
  2. 8:05:03 Jacob Grant, 23, Salt Lake City, UT
  3. 8:41:26 Jose Cruz, 42, Bountiful, UT
  4. 9:01:41 Kyle Teichert, 40, Alpine, UT
  5. 9:04:46 Mick Jurynec, 43, Millcreek, UT
  6. 9:08:46 Joseph Taylor, 49, Salt Lake City, UT
  7. 9:14:55 James MacDonald, 40, Provo, UT
  8. 9:15:18 Jonathan Crawley, 29, Draper, UT
  9. 9:15:33 Caleb Dredge, 22, Mountain Green, UT
  10. 9:16:46 Nicholas Sourlos, 43, Draper, UT
  11. 9:17:24 Michael Cady, 37, Mesa, AZ
  12. 9:26:51 Troy Howard, 48, Basalt, CO
  13. 9:33:15 Finn Melanson, 29, Salt Lake City, UT
  14. 9:40:30 Preston Wood, 33, North Ogden, UT
  15. 9:52:21 Ian Ferris, 39, Draper, UT
  16. 10:05:05 Brian Robbins, 40, American Fork, UT
  17. 10:09:05 Travis Alvord, 39, Provo, UT
  18. 10:11:58 Steve Somers, 43, Draper, UT
  19. 10:16:38 Adam Clark, 37, Provo, UT
  20. 10:33:08 Jake Kilgore, 42, Fruit Heights, UT
Leah Yingling of Salt Lake City looks good after the uphill to Hope Campground. Yingling won the women’s division in 8:47:34, and had only the top three men ahead of her by the finish
Darcy Piceu of Boulder, CO, running in the Uinta National Forest, was second woman and top master in 9:53:44.
Rebecca Rick of Salt Lake City placed third overall among women in 10:13:41.
Tyson Raff of Provo, UT was 37th in 11:01:45. He also gave out many of the race packets at Runner’s Corner in Orem.
Elle Jones of Lehi, UT enjoying the trails, placed 18th overall among women in 11:59:02.
Katie Brown of Cottonwood Heights, UT leads a train of runners down the trails near Squaw Peak.
Armando Martinez of Sandy, UT treks down a beautiful meadow in the Uinta National Forest near Squaw Peak. Martinez finished in 13:46:33.
A lone runner in the Squaw Peak 50 heads down this beautiful meadow in the Uinta National Forest.
Steve Dredge of Mountain Green, UT does a heel click on the trails at the Squaw Peak 50. Steve finished in 14:57:53.
Morgan May of Provo, UT finished in 17:57:17.
Brian Culmo of Salt Lake City charging down the mountain in first place. Culmo would win in 8:00:41.
Jose Cruz of Bountiful, UT was third overall and top master in 8:41:26.
Ian Farris of Draper, UT was 16th in 9:52:21, as only 17 runners broke 10 hours on the warmest Squaw Peak 50 ever.
Elizabeth Haubert of Durango, CO looking great after conquering Windy Pass. She was 8th woman in 10:48:32.
Lori Castagnett of Provo, UT has lots of support as she enters the final aid station at Big Spring Canyon. Lori placed 11th among the women in 11:15:15.
Joel Pierson of Salt Lake City finishes in 64th place in 11:49:41.
Ellen Cheshire of Vernal, UT placed 21st among women in 12:08:39.
Savannah Hardcastle of Draper, UT gives a thumbs-up as she finishes as 25th woman in 12:25:36.
Savannah Hardcastle enjoys the creamies that all the finishers and staff enjoy, as do the kids who sneak into them, too.
Callie Smith of Eagle Mountain, UT gets some family support on her last few strides to the Squaw Peak 50 mile finish line. Callie ran 14:25:15.
Katie Barney of Springville, UT is always a happy finisher, but look what happens next . . .
Katie Barney is really happy after getting a ring from fellow Squaw Peak 50 mile runner Jake Harris.
Race director John Bozung with the happy couple Jake Harris and Katie Barney. They met while running the Squaw Peak 50.
Race director John Bozung with 2021 Squaw Peak 50 champ Brian Culmo of Salt Lake City.
Tyson Rich of Pleasant Grove, UT enjoys friends and family after the Squaw Peak 50 miler.
John Bozung with Caitlin Van Den Berg of Cape Town, South Africa, and Bill Hiatt of Orem, UT.
Marcy Bozung, John Bozung, and nephew Bryan Bozung enjoy a family photo. Bryan, who lives in Durham, NC ran Squaw Peak 50 miler in 13:18:57.
Provo women finish together. Kelli Cloward #70, Jessica Clark #67, and Jenisy Arnegard #12 are timed in 14:55:44.
Carson McCracken of Alpine, UT is a happy Squaw Peak 50 finisher in 13:05:10.
Bryan Bozung of Durham, NC finishing with some company in 13:18:57

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