Nickel, Tamberrino Win Fast York Half Marathon

By Clay Shaw

YORK, PA, MAY 16, 2021—Nicky Tamberrino of Monkton, MD led a strong group of women in the York Marathon’s half-marathon race.  Tamberrino, a masters runner, won in 1:21:01.  Meaghan Murray of Baltimore was second in 1:22:36.  Caryn Just of Baltimore was third in 1:24:12.  Lizzie Royer of Baltimore was fourth in 1:26:33. Caroline Dorey-Stein of Bethlehem, PA was fifth in 1:26:59, to break up the Maryland domination.  Our friend, Emily Von Hedemann of Freeland, MD, was sixth in 1:29:12.  Emily is a regular on the rail trail, and does all her training from New Freedom or Railroad northward.  Leading the York runners were Lily Corsaro (9th, 1:31:42), and Becky Doner (11th in 1:31:50).  Becky has a Mt. Wolf address, but that’s close enough and she runs for the Flying Feet racing team.

Connor Nickel of New York City was the top male runner, finishing in 1:14:28.  Kyle Milden of Jersey City, NJ was second in 1:15:57.  Ryan Speer of Dillsburg was third in 1:16:50.  Steve Moore of Westminster, MD was fourth overall and top master, in 1:17:01.  Christopher Rovensky of Imperial, PA was fifth in 1:25:17.

The Half Marathon had 350 finishers.  We didn’t photograph it, due to the complications of trying to get good marathon photos out on the south end of the course, where the marathoners mostly have spirit and jump ability. Also, the staggered starts complicated timing for us and knowing who was actually leading.  Hopefully 2022 will bring a return to gun-time racing, where everyone starts at once in their respective races. 

Thanks to Randy Flaum for the photos downtown near the finish. 

Top Women

  1. 1:21:01 Nicky Tamberrino, 41, Monkton, MD
  2. 1:22:36 Meaghan Murray, 33, Baltimore, MD
  3. 1:24:12 Caryn Just, 33, Baltimore, MD
  4. 1:26:33 Lizzie Royer, 28, Baltimore, MD
  5. 1:26:59 Caroline Dorey-Stein, 28, Bethlehem, PA
  6. 1:29:12 Emily Von Hedemann, 37, Freeland, MD
  7. 1:30:32 Molly Zangrilli, 43, Paoli, PA
  8. 1:31:34 Kathy West, 47, Bethlehem, PA
  9. 1:31:42 Lily Corsaro, 27, York, PA
  10. 1:31:46 Carol Wittlieb-Weber, 39, Media, PA
  11. 1:31:30 Becky Doner, 31, Mt Wolf, PA
  12. 1:33:24 Corrine Fitzgerald, 29, New York, NY
  13. 1:33:25 Jess Movold, 33, New York, NY
  14. 1:34:18 Lindsay Jones, 28, Royal Oak, MI
  15. 1:35:28 Emily Latimer, 25, Morgantown, WV

Top Men

  1. 1:14:28 Connor Nickel, 28, New York, NY
  2. 1:15:37 Kyle Milden, 27, Jersey City, NJ
  3. 1:16:50 Ryan Speer, 24, Dillsburg, PA
  4. 1:17:01 Steve Moore, 41, Westminster, MD
  5. 1:25:17 Christopher Rovensky, 32, Imperial, PA
  6. 1:25:24 Kyle MacIvor, 25, Media, PA
  7. 1:25:41 Paul Leisnham, 44, Greenbelt, MD
  8. 1:26:28 Michael Haun, 37, York, PA
  9. 1:27:42 Clay Brenner, 23, Douglassville, PA
  10. 1:29:48 Michael Pagnanelli, 20, Hanover, PA
Madeline Armeni of Stewartstown, PA ran a 2:57:47. Maya Armeni of Stewartstown ran a 2:57:44. The twins share great smiles.
Erin Norcross of York, PA. runs her first half marathon in 2:03:31, and gets encouragement from veteran marathon Michael Ball.
Half-marathon champ Nicky Tamberrino of Monkton, MD has a smile and ready for a drink after a 1:21:01 victory. Second place Meaghan Murray #989 of Baltimore ran 1:22:36. (Photo courtesy of Randy Flaum)
Jess Movold #746 and Corinne Fitzgerald #722, both of New York City, place 12th and 13th place in the women’s overall. Fitzgerald at 1:33:24 and Movold 1:33:25. Ah, those crazy chips. (Photo courtesy of Randy Flaum)
Bridget Walsh of Brooklyn, NY finishes with a 1:47:05 (Photo courtesy of Randy Flaum)
Lizzie Royer of Baltimore, MD is fourth woman overall in 1:26:33. Royer completed a Maryland sweep of the top four places in the women’s overall category. Royer did grow up in York. (Photo courtesy of Randy Flaum)

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