Wainwright Defends Title with PR and Course Record; Chreky Sets New Women’s Course Record at York Marathon

by Clay Shaw

Spring 2021 rolls on with no big-city marathons or major races. Only smaller cities like York, PA; Salisbury, MD; Canton, OH; and even Atlanta, GA (by moving it out of the city to a speedway) have been able to manage as the country emerges from a pandemic. A number of speedy marathoners came to York to run on the fast, mostly-crushed-limestone rail trail; 370 finished the marathon. In 2020 the event was held in October, which made a bit of a bother for some who wanted to do both York and Gettysburg Marathons. Last year on their rescheduled dates they were six days apart; in 2021 they both reverted back to their normal weekends (three weeks apart).

Collin Wainwright of Media, PA, who won the 2020 October marathon, returned to win again by running 2:32:44, setting both a PR and a course record. Jake O’Neill of York, wearing his York College of PA kit, took second in 2:39:02. O’Neill ran much of the marathon with teammate Daniel Forry of Columbia, PA, who did a sub-3 of 2:58:37 to place 12th overall. Adam Wytko of Columbia, MD took third in 2:49:24 and was the first master. Nate Tagg of Lancaster placed 4th overall in 2:52:05. Nick Baxter of Tampa, FL, who followed the lead Elliptigo for a large part of the race, placed fifth in 2:53:25. Fifteen men broke three hours.

Lillian Chreky of Great Falls, VA won with a new course record of 3:01:05. Jessica Ponds of Austin, TX was second in 3:09:20. Angie Jenny of Grove City, PA was third overall and top master, in 3:09:28. Erica Singleton of Washington, DC was fourth in 3:10:56. Kim Corrans of New York City was fifth overall and top 50 year old, in 3:13:52.

A shout out to Amy Sipe of Dallastown, PA, first York County female in 3:44:44. We saw quite a few members of the New Jersey Marathon Maniacs who besides running marathons, do jumping-for-photos quite well.

Editors Note: The Bob Potts Marathon ran from 2009-2015 on a very similar rail trail out and back; however, it started and finished at York College and traveled farther south on the rail trail. The York Marathon started in 2016, and its course starts in York City at the YMCA on Newberry Street and finishes in Lafayette Plaza at Milepost 21 of the rail trail.

Top Men

  1. 2:32:44 Collin Wainwright, 26, Media, PA
  2. 2:39:02 Jake O’Neiill, 22, York, PA
  3. 2:49:24 Adam Wytko, 40, Columbia, MD
  4. 2:52:05 Nate Tagg, 35, Lancaster, PA
  5. 2:53:25 Nick Baxter, 31, Tampa, FL
  6. 2:53:45 Josh Flanhofer, 37, Gibsonia, PA
  7. 2:54:19 Kei Namba, 35, New York, NY
  8. 2:54:38 David Hathaway, 50, Elyria, OH
  9. 2:56:29 David Cowles, 25, East Lyme, CT
  10. 2:58:13 Fergal Byrne, 46, Yonkers, NY
  11. 2:58:15 James Weaver, 29, Denver, PA
  12. 2:58:37 Daniel Forry, 22, Columbia, PA
  13. 2:58:57 Alan Yorke, 48, New York, NY
  14. 2:58:58 Buck Kinney, 31, York, PA
  15. 2:59:49 Atsushi Goto, 42, Jericho, NY

Top Women

  1. 3:01:05 Lillian Chreky, 24, Great Falls, VA
  2. 3:09:20 Jessica Ponds, 38, Austin, TX
  3. 3:09:28 Angie Jenny, 41, Grove City, PA
  4. 3:10:56 Erica Singleton, 38, Washington, DC
  5. 3:13:52 Kim Corrans, 51, New York, NY
  6. 3:18:40 Robyn Engman, 34, Reston, VA
  7. 3:18:44 Emily Burch, 34, Savannah, GA
  8. 3:19:00 Kristen Heinzel, 21, Pennington, VA
  9. 3:20:28 Emily Castellano, 37, Mechanicsburg, PA
  10. 3:22:04 Shelby Foster, 27, Conshohocken, PA
  11. 3:22:19 Teghan Simonton, 23, Irwin, PA
  12. 3:22:43 Kimberly Blaich, 43, Port St Lucie, FL
  13. 3:22:44 Bridgette Van Valkenburgh, 16, Pasadena, MD
  14. 3:22:55 Jennifer Perry, 40, Dalton, PA
  15. 3:23:49 Courtney Woodfield, 47, Newtown, PA
Lillian Chreky of Great Falls, VA has winning smile and form, as she sets new women’s course record of 3:01:05.
Collin Wainwright of Media, PA won the York Marathon for the second straight year. Wainwright set a new PR and course record of 2:32:44.
Mike Ravegum of York, PA runs 3:26:05. I would never have been able to surpass 200 marathons without Mike’s help in getting a custom knee brace last decade.
Atsushi Goto of Jericho, NY placed 15th in 2:59:49.
David Murnaghan #539 of Bronx, NY (3:01:36), Fergal Byrne #458 of Yonkers, NY (2:58:13), and Alan Yorke of New York, NY (2:58:57) all have good times, and a good time, and place in the top 20.
Tom Amend of Gloucester, MA who is 68, easily wins his age group with a 3:15:18.
Max Gorelik of Morton, PA, a regular at York races despite living near Philly, did a PR of 3:32:24. Good height on the jump, Max!
Les Boadu #389 of Fresh Meadows, NY ran 3:44:36. Fitzgerald Monfiston #395 of Brooklyn, NY ran 3:53:36. Cynthia Vizueta #376 of Woodhaven, NY ran 3:44:37, and was 33rd female. The group enjoying the York County farmlands on the south end of the course.
Tracy Myers of Dallastown, PA heads south through Hanover Junction with help from Todd Rose. Myers ran 4:26:44 in her first marathon.
Lisa Cannon #444, of Mt. Joy, PA runs 3:57:57. Katie McConnell #236 of Pittsburgh did a 4:27:37.
Kristen Heinzel of Pennington, VA started in a later wave and ran fast. She placed 8th among the women, in 3:19:00.
Photographer Clay Shaw toured the course via bicycle to obtain photos in various spots.
Alexis Davidson of Brooklyn, NY walks the York Marathon in 5:20:22. Davidson completed his 442nd marathon in York.
Adam Wytko of Columbia, MD placed third in 2:49:24 and was top master.
Jessica Ponds of Austin, TX placed second overall in 3:09:20. Jake Thorsen of Lancaster ran 3:06:52 to place 24th.
Walter Newcomer of Manheim, PA, age 65, ran 3:22:52 and was second in the 65-69, which amazes me. All three (in my age group) were under 3:27 !
Pablo Wong Ramirez of Guatemala City ran 3:55:13.
Emily Burch of Savannah, GA placed seventh in 3:18:44. She gets a “10” on this jump near Mile 14.
Bridgette Van Valkenburgh of Pasadena, MD rocks the York Marathon in 3:22:44 and 13th overall. Bridgette is 16.
Kimberly Blaich of Port St.Lucie, FL placed 12th in 3:22:43, and also scores a “10” on this well-coordinated jump.
Amy Sipe of Dallastown, PA has a negative split on her way to a BQ and a 3:44:44. Kudos to Amy for race loyalty and being first York County female.
Karen Morrison of Swedesboro, NJ, looking good at Mile 12, did a 4:09:51.
Nobu Shan of Malvern, PA, enjoying the York Marathon at Mile 12, did a 3:56:38.
Jake O’Neill #495 of York and Daniel Forry #479 of Columbia PA run together with YCP friends on bikes. O’Neill finished 2nd overall in 2:39:02, and Forry was 12th in 2:58:37.
Meg Wilkie of Liverpool, NY heading home after going through the Howard Tunnel. Meg ran 4:14:14 on her 50 state journey.
Bob Strauss of Glencoe, IL sports 50 state marathon club gear on his way to a 4:59:48. Strauss told me that he enjoys going around the USA to scenic marathons.
Jill Holsclaw of Malvern, PA (and the neighboring 610), runs an even pace on her way to a 4:07:08.

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  1. There were some fast runners in our little city of York! Thanks for covering the race. – Cori


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