Liu and St. Clair Dominate Icy 5K/10K

By Clay Shaw

HARRISBURG, PA—The US Road Running 5K/10K New Year’s Day event, held January 30, 2021, happened 29 days late. Pennsylvania had limited outside gatherings to a maximum of 50 from mid-December through early January, in an attempt to slow COVID-19 cases. And then a big mid-December snowstorm, followed by a torrential all-day rain on Christmas Eve, led to the Susquehanna River flooding well over the lower running path that is used by most Harrisburg races.  January 1, 2021 found most of the race course under the much fuller Susquehanna River.

Teal Liu of Hershey won the 5K overall in 18:56, leading the first four women to the first four overall placings.  The first man, Tim Li of Broomall, PA ran 21:36 to place first male and fifth overall!

After Teal’s 18:56.  Presley Staretz, age 16, of Mechanicsburg was second in 20:28.  Kelsey Gaston, age 17, of Lehighton was third in 20:43.  Colleen Vicente of Devon, PA was fourth in 20:53.  Lyla Eltz, age 10, of Hanover was fifth woman, and sixth overall in 21:37

B Farbman, age 12, was second male in 23:08, and Ned Einsig III, both of York, took the other two male podium spots.  Einsig ran 23:37. 

Daryl St.Clair of Dillsburg easily won the 10K in 38:24.  He was also the top Master at age 44.  Heather Roe of York won for the women in 47:28, as she took a break from her York Winter Series coordinator duties.

Sixty-seven total finished the 5K, while 32 finished the 10K.  There were lots of no-shows, which happens when races are re-scheduled.

Note to Missy Darrin, race director, and Heather Roe, the York Winter Series coordinator: big-time kudos for moving forward to stage safe races in these hard years.

Top Women 5K

  1. 18:56 Teal Liu, 35, Herrshey
  2. 20:28 Presley Staretz, 16, Mechanicsburg
  3. 20:43 Kelsey Gaston, 17, Lehighton
  4. 20:53 Colleen Vicente, 35, Devon
  5. 21:37 Lyla Eltz, 10, Hanover

Top Men 5K

  1. 21:36 Tim Li, 25, Broomall
  2. 23:08 B Farbman, 12, York
  3. 23:39 Ned Einsig III, 27, York
  4. 24:02 Bradley Barger, 43, Palmyra
  5. 24:16 Shawn Geesaman, 46, Enola

Top Women 10K

  1. 47:28 Heather Roe, 41, York
  2. 47:52 Bridget Mellon, 32, Morgantown
  3. 48:32 Jeanie Carson, 50, Mechanicsburg
  4. 49:59 Courtney Lorenz, 28, Hanover
  5. 51:01 Kate Toth, 36, Hummelstown

Top Men 10K

  1. 38:24 Daryl St.Clair, 44, Dillsburg
  2. 45:38 Joshua Kimotho, 17, Harrisburg
  3. 46:02 Barry Hoback, 56, Camp Hill
  4. 46:13 Joshua Blain, 34, Newville
  5. 47:20 Jarrod Kulp, 53, Philadelphia
Ariadna Clark of Lititz gives a thumbs-up as she does the 10K along the icy Susquehanna River.
Jeremy Funk of Mt. Joy and Jennifer Hudson of Harrisburg run with the USA flag along the icy Susquehanna River.
Mindy Miller of York placed 6th among women in the 10k with a 51:36.
Colleen Vicente of Devon, PA finished fourth overall and fourth woman in 20:53. The top four women beat all the men.
Teal Liu of Hershey was the top overall finisher of the 5K in 18:56. The first four women finished before the first man.
Kelsey Gaston of Lehighton, PA was third woman and third overall in the 5K with a 20:43.
Daryl St. Clair of Dillsburg easily won the 10k in 38:24. Here he is running along the icy Susquehanna River at the postponed New Year’s Day event.
Courtney Lorenz of Hanover heads down to the river path ahead of Heather Roe of York. Roe, who directs the York Winter Series, was the top woman in 47:28. Lorenz was fourth in 49:59.

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