February 2021

by George A. Hancock

Moving On

Ah Yes, February’s here
Welcomed in loud cheer
By us winter weary souls
Treading slow on our soles.

Yes, the year is moving on
I do see a brighter dawn
The Eastern light is great
This is always first rate.

Locally, winters are mild
Pleasing this road child
We did see decent snow
But more dry road show.

Each day moves us along
Soon we’ll hear bird song
And maybe an early spring
With a bright sunny zing.

There will be bad weather
Covering our green heather
But, time is now on our side
So, there’s no need to hide.

February’s View

Lately, mild is February’s view
Pleasing runners seeking any blue
As in skies beneath February sun
While out on the daily road run.

February’s month is really short
As winter slips away in retort
Nice dry roads then snowy streets
Challenge the distance athletes.

Early February is quiet and still
But later on bird songs do thrill
Road music at dawn is very nice
Many want to take home a slice.

Soon, small critters scamper around
Scurrying across the frozen ground
Seeking stored food or a lost friend
Realizing that winter will soon end.

February’s view lasts only so long
It’s just 28 days is the new song
Enjoy it before the calendar page
Reveals March and the spring age.

  Eastern Light

The runner looks to his left
Witnessing a morning theft
Eastern light is spreading out
Soon covering my road route.

February brings more daylight
Every day it’s a beautiful sight
Inviting and warm for those few
Out running on this day new.

Our 2021 days steadily flow on
With each fresh bright dawn
Snooze and one misses a scene
That does promise spring green.

Timed right, a run to the East
Seems to tame the winter beast
Eastern light brightens our path
It leads away from winter’s wrath.

Soon, March begins a spring run
As February slows that cold run
This runner will shed no tears
Or miss those slip-sliding fears.

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