December 2020

by George A. Hancock

First Snow

The running gear is ready
The morning run is steady
Yet, once we see first snow
We’re in a new road show.

It’s easy to run dry roads
They offer few episodes
Of slipping or falling around
With that loud ouch sound.

Sometimes that snow is nice
Especially without any ice
But, stopping does take time
Speeding is a wintry crime.

Runners out in the first snow
Must monitor the driving show
Running now in snow spikes
Prevents the falling down Yikes!

Yes, the first snow from inside
May make a few folks hide
But, runners need to get out
Safely exploring the road route.

December’s Story

Tuesday begins December’s run
With wintry weather by the ton
Or not, recent winters were mild
Pleasing this road-running child.

December is great for a reason
We’ve in the Christmas season
Bright lights and grand displays
Highlight our running byways.

Many communities light the night
Aimed at dispelling wintry fright
These lights generate a nice glow
While creating a Christmas show.

December running is sort of tricky
Road runners need not be picky
Wear the right gear and off we go
Touring December’s seasonal show.

December’s story ends after 31 days
Then we celebrate in different ways
The beginning of the new 2021 year
With so many folks hurling a cheer.

  Christmas Cookies

Perhaps December’s perfect treat
Pleasing this running athlete
And many others these weeks
Is a pastry treat many folks seek.

Christmas cookies are first rate
Deserving of their post-run fate
Like disappearing in a munch
Or being consumed for lunch.

Sure, there’s better road fuel
But these are seasonally cool
Moderation is the right key
After your distance spree.

There’s so many cookie types
Deserving all holiday hypes
Now this not-so road rookie
Asks, is there a bad cookie?

Running in December’s cold
Sometimes makes one feel old
So, a delicious cookie treat
Requires no unusual feat.

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