Weida, Mills Triumph in Gettysburg

by Clay Shaw

GETTYSBURG, PA, OCTOBER 17, 2020—Peter Weida of Lancaster took a commanding lead early in the marathon.  Weida hit the halfway mark in 1:17:34, and ran strong and consistent throughout, winning in 2:35:24.  Scott Davis of Carlisle was second overall and top master in 2:46:04.  Andy Ciganek of Pittsburgh was third overall in 2:47:49. Steven Jacobs of Linthicum Heights, MD was fourth in 2:51:36.  Matthew Villano of Boston, MA was fifth in 2:51:40.

Kimberly Mills of Oakfield, NY was the women’s champ in 3:00:47.  Brigid Gutierrez of Charlottesville, VA moved up a spot in the second half to place second in 3:06:21.  Elena Makarevich of Gaithersburg, MD was third and top master, in 3:06:27.  Makarevich placed second in the 2019 Baltimore Marathon.

Kathy West of Bethlehem, PA was fourth overall and second master, in 3:08:17.  Diana Filtz of New York City was fifth in 3:12:03.  The event was originally scheduled for the last weekend of April,  and had 191 finishers on a beautiful fall day. 

Top Men

  1. 2:35:24 Peter Weida, 27, Lancaster, PA
  2. 2:46:04 Scott Davis, 42, Carlisle, PA
  3. 2:47:49 Andy Ciganek, 37, Pittsburgh, PA
  4. 2:51:36 Steven Jacobs, 38, Linthicum Heights, MD
  5. 2:51:40 Matthew Villano, 25, Boston, MA
  6. 2:56:26 Benjamin Abeles, 41, Felton, PA
  7. 2:56:41 Erik Pindrock, 34, Astoria, NY
  8. 2:57:56 Logan Howard, 31, Masontown, PA
  9. 2:59:14 C Fred Joslyn, 36, Boiling Springs, PA
  10. 2:59:34 Bobby Ebel, 26, Parsippany, NJ

Top Women

  1. 3:00:47 Kimberly Mills, 30, Oakfield, NY
  2. 3:06:21 Brigid Gutierrez, 28, Charlottesville, VA
  3. 3:06:27 Elena Makarevich, 42, Gaithersburg, MD
  4. 3:08:17 Kathy West, 46, Bethlehem, PA
  5. 3:12:03 Diana Filtz, 31, New York, NY
  6. 3:20:26 Natalie Unger, 39, Wabash, IN
  7. 3:26:23 Jenna Shumar, 23, Morgantown, WV
  8. 3:28:38 Jennifer Flaherty, 47, Easthampton, MA
  9. 3:37:21 Keri McKay, 49, Fairfield, CT
  10. 3:38:08 Megan McNear, 36, Negley, OH
Peter Weida of Lancaster led the marathon the entire way and won in 2:35:24.
Kimberly Mills of Oakfield, NY was the top woman overall in 3:00:47.
Jena Shumar of Morgantown, WV runs by the Gettysburg Battlefield cannons on way to a 3:26:23. Shumar was the seventh woman overall.
Julie Landrum of Nesbit, Mississippi is all good on a beautiful October day at the Gettysburg North-South Marathon. Ed Fackler #238 and Donald Dingle #40 provide some socially distanced company.
Emily Patzer of Lititz, PA is all smiles as she sprints downhill to the finish area. Patzer was 12th woman in 3:42:44.
Kari McKay of Fairfield, CT ran 3:37:21 to place ninth overall among women. McKay was one of four masters women in top ten.
Melissa Varcoe of Port Jervis, NY looking very patriotic, runs a 3:57:28 and was 18th woman, while carrying the USA flag.
Gary Thompson of Lockport, NY ran 4:43:49 with the American flag.
Diana Filtz of New York ran 3:12:03 to place as fifth woman overall.
Scott Davis of Carlisle, PA looking strong on second lap and ran 2:46:04 to place second overall.
Kim Keidat #102 of Margate, NJ leads a group of runners through East Calvary Battlefield early in the race. Marathon Maniac clad Ti Luu #119 of Centerville, VA ran 4:23:59.
Megan McCarthy of Washington, DC ran 3:52:15 to place 15th among women.
William Fife of Lancaster placed 31st overall in 3:22:43. Mike Flaherty #53 of Hanover ran 3:44:39 to place third in the 60-69 age group, six days after running the York Marathon.
Brigid Gutierrez of Charlottesville, VA ran a strong race to finish on the podium in second place with a 3:06:21.
Megan McNear of Negley, OH ran 3:38:08 to place tenth among women.
C Fred Joslyn #1 of Boiling Springs and Andy Ciganek #24 of Pittsburgh chase Weida just after Mile 2 in the East Calvary Battlefield.
A sign on the Gettysburg Marathon course.
Jumping Marylanders: Laura Thurston #194 of Dundalk, Amanda Kendzierski #103 of Abington, and Suzanne McDermott #131 of Nottingham, MD enjoy the marathon together finishing at 4:35:33, running 26.2 between jumps.
William Malone of Woodbridge, VA enjoying the Gettysburg North-South Marathon on way to a 4:32:46.
A lone runner in the haunting East Calvary Battlefield near Gettysburg.
Ben Nagy of Old Chatham, NY, was 43rd in 3:33:43.
William Fife of Lancaster, PA was 31st overall in 3:22:43.
David Roy of Schoharie, NY was 65th man at age 65. He ran 3:51:24 which placed him 4th of 11 in the 60 group.
Elena Makarevich of Gaithersburg, MD. running strong through the October colors to finish third overall in 3:06:27, and was first master.
Erik Pindrock of Astoria, NY runs through East Calvary Battlefield on way to seventh place overall, in 2:56:41.
Melissa Varcoe, with flag, takes a moment to check out the East Calvary Battlefield markers. Varcoe was the 18th female and under 4 hours while carrying the USA flag for 26.2 miles.

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