Wainwright, Dragun Win York Marathon

by Clay Shaw

YORK, PA, OCTOBER 11, 2020—Collin Wainwright of Springfield, PA won the social-distanced York Marathon in 2:36:32.  Starting in the third wave, Wainwright and second place finisher Hung Tran (2:40:17) of Silver Spring, MD, were clearly out in front of all the folks that started in the first two waves. I observed from my vantage point and photo spot at miles 12 and 14 in a scenic valley, just nine miles north of the Maryland border.  Wave assignments were based on time of entry.  Brothers Tristin and Matteo DeVincenzo of Port Jefferson, NY took places three and four in 2:55:52, and they started in a later wave.  James Garner of Fishers, Indiana was fifth and top master in 2:56:42.  Seven of the 150 finishers broke the three-hour mark. 

Michelle Dragun of Pittsburgh was the women’s champ in 3:17:36. Dragun won by 12 minutes, but started in a late wave, so it was not obvious that she was the winner, at least to me at the midway point.  Mackenzie Nolan of Columbia, PA was second in 3:29:09.  Elizabeth Dodds of Silver Spring, MD was third in 3:29:49.  Anna Maharg of Zelienople, PA was fourth in 3:31:07.  Courtney Kline of York was fifth in 3:41:22 first local. Kara Taylor of Westminster, MD was sixth and top master in 3:44:47.

Top 10 Men (Marathon)

  1. 2:36:32 Collin Wainwright, 25. Springfield, PA
  2. 2:40:17 Hung Tran, 36, Silver Spring, MD
  3. 2:55:52 Tristin Devincenzo, 23, Port Jefferson, NY
  4. 2:55:52 Matteo Devincenzo 22, Port Jefferson, NY
  5. 2:56:42 James Garner, 41, Fishers, IN
  6. 2:57:21 Christopher Kuhl, 36, Dillsburg, PA
  7. 2:57:22 Shane May, 46, Bedford, PA
  8. 3:03:13 Rob Diloreto, 42, Mars, PA
  9. 3:07:30 Wesley Sommer, 37, Raleigh, NC
  10. 3:12:58 Aaron Beiler, 34, Lancaster, PA

Top Women (Marathon)

  1. 3:17:36 Michelle Dragun, 35, Pittsburgh, PA
  2. 3:29:09 Mackenzie Nolan, 25, Columbia, PA
  3. 3:29:49 Elizabeth Dodds, 33, Silver Spring, MD
  4. 3:31:07 Anna Maharg, 30, Zelienople, PA
  5. 3:41:22 Courtney Kline, 31, York, PA
  6. 3:44:47 Kara Taylor, 46, Westminster, MD
  7. 3:45:45 Kelly McKinley, 42, York, PA
  8. 3:47:07 Erin Nomland, 33, Oley, PA
  9. 3:47:36 Carrie Lavigne, 56, Massena, NY
  10. 3:50:59 Jennifer Tullio, 48, Bradenton, FL
Collin Wainwright of Springfield, PA ran 2:36:32 to win the 2020 York Marathon. He ran the second half nearly a minute faster.
Michelle Dragun of Pittsburgh powers through the Howard Tunnel on way to women’s crown in 3:17:36.
Michelle Dragun of Pittsburgh was the 2020 women’s winner in 3:17:36.
Courtney Kline of York was fifth overall and top York woman in 3:41:22.
Matt Craig of Baltimore on home stretch after Howard Tunnel. Craig ran 3:37:02 to place 35th.
Alexa Tarzy of Ijamsville, MD grabs water at Seitzville. Alexa did a 4:44:43.
Casandra Oldham of Leesburg, VA ran a negative split and had the energy for jumps along the way. Oldham was 18th among women in 4:15:25.
Erin Nomland of Oley, PA placed 8th in 3:47:07. Michael Heider #262 of Lancaster ran 3:31:11 and placed 2nd 55-59.
Jim Heinzen of Wayne, PA ran 3:44:51 and was the only runner with a Moscow Marathon shirt.
Matteo and Tristin Devincenzo of Port Jefferson, NY ran together in 2:55:52 to place 3rd and 4th. Tristin #306 was scored as third.
Amy Sipe of Dallastown ran 3:58:21 to place 12th female.
Kelly McKinley of York ran a solid marathon to finish 7th and 2nd master.
Hung Tran of Silver Spring, MD was second overall in 2:40:17.
Mike Ball of Wellsville, had a rough day, but still placed second in his age group.
Kara Taylor of Westminster, MD placed sixth woman and top master in 3:44:47.
Max Gorelik of Morton, PA should get an award for doing all three Central PA marathons and the White Rose Run 5 Miler. Max ran 4:06:34.
Lauren Rooney of York was 13th woman in 4:01:41.
Mackenzie Nolan of Columbia, PA was second woman overall in 3:29:09.
Elizabeth Dodds of Silver Spring, MD ran 3:29:49 to place third overall.
Kelly McKinley of York ran a solid marathon to finish 7th and 2nd master.

Women Dominate Half Marathon

Nina Zarina of Arlington, VA and a native of Russia, won the half-marathon in 1:17:51.  Zarina was the 2019 San Francisco women’s champ in 2:39:27.  Jennifer Paul of Washington, DC was second in 1:21:32.  It was quite unusual to have two women finish before any of the men.  Carolyn Yang of Arlington, VA was third in 1:24:44. Emmy Waldman of Somerville, MA was fourth in 1:29:29.  Molly Ritter of Arlington, VA was fifth in 1:32:41.  Joan Pizzin of Wilmington, DE was top master in 1:53:25.

Eric Denlinger of Lancaster was the first man in 1:21:33.  Tyler McFeaters of Fredericksburg, PA was a close second in 1:21:36.  Zachariah Nelson of Elkridge, MD was third in 1:22:36.  Kirk Mummert of Hanover was fourth in 1:23:05.  Tim Nguyen of Leola, PA was fifth in 1:23:51.  Jon Fox of Harrisburg was top master in 1:31:16.  The half-marathon drew 109 finishers.  Being on the south end of the marathon on bikes, we didn’t get to see or photograph the half-marathon. 

The events were scheduled for May.  On March 13, the YMCA who organized the event, had close to 500 registrations.  Doors were closed for three weeks and runners were offered the option to run in October 2020 or May 2021. 237 deferrals went to May 2021. The waiting list proved a revolving door, as one runner deferred and one from the wait list got a spot.  Races are small businesses, too, a tough time trying to stage an event.  Kudos to race director Cori Strathmeyer and the YMCA of York.

Top Women (Half Marathon)

  1. 1:17:51 Nina Zarina VA (RUS)
  2. 1:21:32 Jennifer Paul DC
  3. 1:24:44 Carolyn Yang VA
  4. 1:29:29 Emmy Waldman MA
  5. 1:32:41 Molly Ritter VA

Top Men (Half Marathon)

  1. 1:21:33 Eric Denlinger PA
  2. 1:21:36 Tyler McFeaters VA
  3. 1:22:36 Zachariah Nelson MD
  4. 1:23:05 Kirk Mummert PA
  5. 1:23:51 Tim Nguyen PA
Nina Zarina of Arlington, VA and Russia was the overall winner of the York Marathon’s half marathon in 1:17:51. Zarina and Jennifer Paul topped all the men. (Photo courtesy of Randy Flaum)
Half Marathoners rolling start at the York YMCA on Newberry Street. (Photo courtesy of Randy Flaum)
Masked half marathoners head to the start on Newberry Street. (Photo courtesy by Randy Flaum)

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