November 2020

by George A. Hancock

November Days

Sunday begins November’s run
Early before the dawning sun
EST also resumes on this day
Now darkness covers our way.

November days are often raw
The winds slapping at our jaw
Late autumn is on the scene
With weather far from keen.

The skies are often dark and gray
November sunshine held at bay
But sometimes the sun is out
Caressing our early road route

November features the first snow
We rediscover that wintry glow
Created by the cold snowy ground
With fresh snow falling minus sound.

November days are a great transition
As winter days move into position
Many enjoy their quiet November run
With seasonal sights that often stun.


The 26th is Thanksgiving Day
Hopefully sunny but often gray
For many it was a tough year
With events earning a jeer.

We gather on the last Thursday
A feast awaits after we pray
For our blessings we say thanks
Always heartfelt from the ranks.

Some road racers run a holiday trot
Covering distances that earn a spot
At the finish line amidst a cheer
Smiling before donning warm gear.

Others like me will run early on
Finishing the run before dawn
Running steadily in the quiet dark
Truly enjoying this Thanksgiving lark.

Then at the noted time we gather
Eying holiday foods on a platter
We share with family and friends
On this holiday with many dividends.

    November’s Chill

It’s nearly winter with some ill
Many blame November’s chill
A windy cold icing our bones
And we hear anguished moans.

November days are not that bad
Sure chilly days are never a fad
Nor are cloudy days gone drab
So, please skip seasonal rehab.

Running gear keeps one warm
So outside runners do swarm
Even in cold rain we stay dry
Running on without the why.

Old dry leaves sweep the road
During every running episode
November’s winds push them
Into yards creating mayhem.

November’s sun eases the chill
While preventing an icy spill
Hmm, I’ve run in a sunny chill
So run on, enjoy that thrill.

November Running at Berwick’s Run for the Diamonds

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