August 2020

by George A. Hancock

Darkness Again

Hello darkness my old friend
So, what do you recommend?
You blanket my dawn roads
With growing dark episodes.

Despite days of humid heat.
I can’t see my running feet
It’s dark without street lights
We miss some road sights.

I’m using my bright road light
Becoming visible on my flight
Across the dark early streets
Avoiding any roadside defeats.

Morning dark grows each day
And stays ’til we see spring play
Many months down the road
So, we tolerate this dark mode.

A pre-dawn run is dark again
We press on avoiding backspin
Mother Nature is moving on
So we run miles before dawn.

August’s Story

Saturday begins an August run
In the dark before the dawn sun
August’s story is still summer days
Complete with days of endless haze.

Hot and humid is our daily weather
Browning our once green heather
Rainfall was absent this warm season
Perhaps, missing for a valid reason.

Most local schools will open soon
Hopefully avoiding a Covid-19 tune
So, late August vacations are in doubt
As folks deal with this virus rout.

This runner continues his daily run
Enjoying the miles of endless fun
Darker miles but really nothing new
As we run across our August venue.

August is our last summer blast
The season will soon change fast
Autumn road adventures await
The next season is never late.

    What’s Next?

Running after reading the news
Can create some deep blues
Some stories are beyond belief
Others generate some grief.

Our 24/7 news cycle does churn
With stories that often burn
Or even make your head spin
With its nonstop raucous din.

What’s next? You might ask
While wearing a safe mask
Ya know, it’s good to get away
Even outside running that way.

Daily running clears our head
And helps us all get ahead
We can’t outrun the news
But, we earn scenic views.

For me, mornings on the road
Running despite this heavy load
Is always fuel for a superb day
Something they can’t take away.

It’s August, when daylight is later and evenings come earlier.

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