July 2020

by George A. Hancock


Sweat drips down my face
Slowing my morning pace
The morning air is warm
As bugs began to swarm.

This July morning is hot
Humidity covers my trot
Yet, running right at dawn
Is cooler than later on.

Running anywhere at noon
Will make most folks swoon
Humidity throws a punch
Some may toss their lunch.

Flies love a sweaty face
Diving like an aerial ace
Nibbling on that wet ear
Nonstop without any fear.

Hydration is a running key
Insuring a safe road spree
Also, running early or late
Eases that drained run fate.

July’s Story

July’s story is summer heat
Thrilling many but others beat
By these July hot weather days
That create a few mournful brays.

Many enjoy July’s summer heat
These folks never signal defeat
They enjoy July’s strong sun
With days of hot endless fun.

Others will vacation far away
Seeking a cooler July day
Others will staycation inside
The AC chilling their July ride.

July 4th is our first weekend
Starting a new vacation trend
Many will run on the beach
With sun and water in reach.

We dress light on July’s run
Due to that demanding sun
Running early is no chore
As this guy exits the door.

    Stay Hydrated

Mother Nature applies heat
Scorching our two road feet
Running out in the hot sun
During July is not easy fun.

Running early is a smart key
Avoiding that hot road spree
Or, running a late evening time
Also skipping that humid grime.

Hydration is another bright key
Drinking fluids is easy we see
Yet, so many fail this easy task
One can carry water in a flask.

July’s heat demands fluid intake
Ignoring water is a huge mistake
Run to match the weather story
Also avoids those things gory.

Our summer steadily flows on
Soon we’ll see autumn’s dawn
Staying hydrated is always best
It helps defeat that humid pest.

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