April 2020

by George A. Hancock

More Green

April brings us more green
A pleasant road side scene
Each day the green spreads
Creating sights few dread.

Vegetation and our local trees
Are greening on our road sprees
Warmer temps and April rain
Fuel this green roadside gain.

Now running is a spring joy
It’s like getting a new toy
Everything is a fresh green
As we trot past this scene.

Shade is a running friend
Since the sun can’t bend
Those strong rays beam
As we seek a cool seam.

By late April green is vast
And for months it will last
So, enjoy your green run
Appreciate nature’s fun.

 April’s Story

Wednesday begins April’s run
Now complete with warmer sun
Also with deeper evening daylight
As we watch the spring green flight.

Daily runners out on April’s road
Appreciate every seasonal episode
These days lawns are taking shape
Homeowners removed winter’s cape.

Gardeners are out in spring force too
Although winter was mild, we bid adieu
And welcome spring’s fresh new look
April’s story is a delicious new book.


April allows running in lighter gear
Wicked weather we no longer fear
Running dry roads is again a plus
We run April’s roads with no fuss.

Easter arrives on our twelfth day
Amidst colors blooming this way
The NFL draft soon arrives here
 The Eagles draft Freddi, we cheer! 

Editor’s Note: Hmmm…for what position George? I’m interested.


April showers bring May flowers
Sometimes the rains last for hours
Or so it seems while on our run
Beneath thick clouds hiding the sun.

A colder rain is never very nice
Especially if converting to nasty ice
By April though it’s a soaking rain
With downpours creating our pain.

Our current running gear is great
It prevents the miserable fate
Associated with rain running
With results that prove stunning.

Turn around and don’t drown
Needs to be accepted without a frown
Whether in a car or out on foot
Since flooding makes roads kaput.

April rainy downpours are here
Excuse me if I don’t utter a cheer
I’m running around those puddles
They seem to like ankle cuddles.

Jimmy Gressier runs through hard rain and mud at Euro XC 2018

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