Deer Run Amok as Linne, Arnold Triumph at Springettsbury

by Clay Shaw

YORK,  PA, FEBRUARY 22, 2020—Benjamin Linne of York won the Springettsbury 10K in 34:37, on the hilly course that borders the Rocky Ridge.

Stephanie Arnold of Gettysburg was the top woman and top master in 42:48.  A herd of deer in the Hellam Township hills, startled by the 245-runner field, took off in reckless abandon, crossing the course twice in front of runner Dwight Dickensheets of Hanover.  The deer were leaping, crashing through fencing, changing minds, and reversing course. 

Garrett Quinan of Stewartstown took second in 35:02.  Quinan won the Indian Rock 10K earlier in the series.  Dylan Cunningham, also of Stewartstown was third in 35:02.  Evan Sandt of Conestoga was top master in 38:57, placing 9th overall.

Tanya Navarro of Seven Valleys took second, as masters women took the top four spots overall. Megan Dodson of York was third in 45:21. 

Top Men

  1. 34:37 Benjamin Linne
  2. 35:02 Garrett Quinan
  3. 35:23 Dylan Cunningham
  4. 35:55 Adam Moore
  5. 38:06 Thomas Urrunaga
  6. 38:16 James Theisen
  7. 38:23 Timothy Shoul
  8. 38:57 Dellas Edmisten III
  9. 38:58 Evan Sandt (50)
  10. 39:32 Caleb Scarborough

Top Women

  1. 42:48 Stephanie Arnold (43)
  2. 44:18 Tanya Navarro (50)
  3. 45:21 Megan Dodson (43)
  4. 45:47 Kelly Reider (40)
  5. 46:22 Charity Kadwill
  6. 46:29 Erin Miller
  7. 46:41 Billie Heistand (41)
  8. 47:05 Kelly Rose
  9. 48:48 Nicole Register
  10. 48:52 Tiffany Lewis
The epic photo of the day, as deer hurries by runner Dwight Dickensheets of Hanover.
Stephanie Arnold of Gettysburg was the top female and top master in 42:48.
Benjamin Linne of York won the Springettsbury 10K in 34:37. Garrett Quinan of Stewartstown (in background) was second in 35:02.
Tanya Navarro of Seven Valleys was second female and second master in 44:18. Female masters runners dominated the top four spots.
Jeff Paladina of New Cumberland (right) leads a group on the hilly part of the Springettsbury 10K in Eastern York County.
Livia Lighty of East Berlin, age 12, is not bothered by the cold and wind as she placed 2nd in her age group in 58:18.
Dwight Dickensheets of Hanover gets a wildlife experience in the Hellam Township hills.

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