March 2020

by George A. Hancock


Yea! The songbirds are back
Our calendar remains on track
Daylight grows steadily strong
It’s spring with a warbling song.

The seasonal flight was great
These songbirds are first rate
My early runs quiet no more
As I walk out my side door.

Dawn brings a welcome song
Delighting the running throng
A robin song is a great sign
And helps eliminate the whine.

The whine from a long season
That goes on and on for no reason
Other than to upset our town
Now tired of this wintry clown.

Bird songs begin with daylight
So runners on an early flight
Hear the bird choir in force
On every March road course

 March 2020

March brings us spring days
Yet, Mother Nature finds ways
To tease and irk many locals
Her weather creates loud vocals.

March, our month number three
Is perfect for any distance spree
More daylight with the warm sun
Always creates daily running fun.

Daylight Saving Time begins early
Even if the weather remains burly
St. Patrick’s Day is a festive green
Followed by my 67th birthday scene.

The Vernal Equinox arrives the next day
We rejoice since spring is on the way
The March 2020 calendar is on our side
We get out enjoying spring’s fresh ride.

And Major League Baseball is in the news
Opening day March 26 has mixed reviews
It seems baseball, like running, lacks appeal
So boring, too long, too hard many squeal.

    Spring 2020

Listen to that raucous cheer
Spring 2020 is finally here
Old winter stays too long
Is this runner’s daily song.

Despite lacking real deep snow
Winter gave us a cold, icy show
Did it begin on an October day?
It seems winter came to stay.

Now, increased bright daylight
Illuminates every roadside sight
Warm sun and rain create green
And one delightful running scene.

Dawn brings a musical bird choir
That most city folks can’t hire
Lucky me, I hear them every run
Are they cheering me when done?

Early spring adds color to our days
So folks need to find better ways
Of getting up and moving outside
During early spring’s green ride.

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