Rupp and Tuliamuk Win U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Marathon

by Clay Shaw with Photos by Karen Mitchell

ATLANTA, GA, February 29, 2019—Galen Rupp of Portland, OR repeated as U.S. Olympic Team Trials Marathon champion in 2:09:20.  Rupp won the same event in Los Angeles in 2016, and earned the bronze medal in the Olympic Games Marathon in Rio de Janeiro.  He passed early leader Brian Shrader of Boston, MA at mile 16 and ran alone for the final 10 miles of the race and was never threatened.  There was an all-out battle for the other Olympic team spots as four athletes: Leonard Korir, Augustus Maiyo, Abdi Abdirahman and Jacob Riley crested the hill by the Georgia State Capitol, just prior to mile 24.  After the turn-around just south of the Olympic Cauldron, Riley moved up and was pushing the pace.  Near the finish the battle was still on between Riley, Abdi, and Leonard Korir.  Riley grabbed a USA flag, a move he thought he may regret, but took second place by one second with a 2:10:02. Riley lives in Boulder, CO, is coached by Lee Troop, and is still un-sponsored.  Abdi Abdirahman of Tucson, AZ at age 43, made his fifth U.S. Olympic Team with a 2:10:03. Leonard Korir of Colorado Springs, CO was fourth in 2:10:06.  Augustus Maiyo, also of Colorado Springs was fifth in 2:10:47, having fallen off the pace a bit in the final two miles.  175 men finished the marathon.

Aliphine Tuliamuk of Flagstaff, AZ won the U.S. Olympic Team Trials Marathon in 2:27:31.  First time marathoner Molly Seidel of Boston, MA was second in 2:27:31.  The pair broke away around mile 20, both wondering if they were making a move too soon.  They decided to work together with a “Let’s do this!”  Sally Kipyego of Eugene, OR took third, and offered that she held back a bit not wanting to do anything too crazy.  Kipyego took third in 2:28:52, as Des Linden had been moving up in the latter miles. Linden took fourth in 2:29:03.  Eight women were under 2:30 on the very challenging Atlanta course. In total 390 women finished the marathon.  Tuliamuk, who became a USA citizen 10 years ago, offered that she was living the American Dream and hopes to inspire people through running.  Tuliamuk is one of 32 siblings. Kipyego, also from Kenya, and won an Olympic Silver medal in the 2012 London games at 10,000 meters. Kipyego became a USA citizen three years ago.

More results and photos later this week.

Photos are by Karen Mitchell

Top 15 Men

  1. 2:09:20 Galen Rupp OR
  2. 2:10:02 Jacob Riley CO
  3. 2:10:03 Abdi Abdirahman AZ
  4. 2:10:06 Leonard Korir CO
  5. 2:10:47 Augustus Maiyo CO
  6. 2:11:29 Martin Hehir PA
  7. 2:11:49 Clayton Albertson CA
  8. 2:12:10 Jonas Hampton MA
  9. 2:12:14 Colin Bennie VA
  10. 2:12:19 Matt McDonald GA
  11. 2:12:34 Tyler Pennel NC
  12. 2:12:39 Scott Fauble AZ
  13. 2:13:04 Haron Lagat CO
  14. 2:13:27 Brendan Gregg CA
  15. 2:13:45 Colin Mickow IL

Top 15 Women

  1. 2:27:23 Aliphine Tuliamuk AZ
  2. 2:27:31 Molly Seidel MA
  3. 2:28:52 Sally Kipyego OR
  4. 2:29:03 Des Linden MI
  5. 2:29:08 Laura Thweatt CO
  6. 2:29:11 Stephanie Bruce AZ
  7. 2:29:35 Emma Bates ID
  8. 2:29:55 Kellyn Taylor AZ
  9. 2:30:26 Nell Rojas CO
  10. 2:30:43 Julia Kohnen MO
  11. 2:31:48 Sarah Sellers AZ
  12. 2:32:05 Lindsay Flanagan CO
  13. 2:33:14 Brittany Charboneau CO
  14. 2:34:07 Kate Landau WA
  15. 2:34:24 Keira D’Amato VA
Galen Rupp 1st Place 2:09:20
Jacob Riley 2nd place 2:10:02
Abdi Abdirahman, 3rd Place 2:10:03. Makes 5th USA Olympic Team ! With Diane Nukuri.
Aliphine Tuliamuk, 1st Place 2:27:23
Molly Seidel, 2nd Place 2:27:31 in her first marathon ever !
Sally Kipyego, 3rd Place 2:28:52
Molly Seidel, Aliphine Tuliamuk, and Sally Kipyegp are the USA podium gals going to Tokyo Olympics 2020.
Fans on Peachtree. The crowds were loud and amazing in Atlanta.

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