by Clay Shaw with photos by Karen Mitchell

Matthew McDonald of Atlanta; Alyssa Bloomquist of Simpsonville, SC; Ann Mazur of Charlottesville, VA; and Duriel Hardy of Philadelphia are four US Olympic Team Trials Marathon athletes that have busy careers. 

McDonald ran collegiately at Princeton University and earned his OQ at the 2019 Chicago Marathon with a 2:11:10, ranking him among the contenders.  He is a PhD student in chemical engineering at Georgia Tech University.  His busy schedule, and sometimes very hot Atlanta climate, limits most of his workouts to early morning and in the evening after his research.  McDonald jokingly notes that he can run faster than the Atlanta traffic.  McDonald is a member of the Atlanta Track Club.

Bloomquist is a mom of 14-month-old daughter Tessa.  She ran her OQ at Rock N Roll Savannah in 2:41:24, in a huge win over the rest of the field.  She runs while pushing Tessa in a stroller (which she says makes her stronger) or prior to her work day.  She is a speech-language pathologist at Greenville County Schools, specifically at Stone Academy.  Bloomquist ran at Clemson University.

Ann Mazur of Charlottesville, VA earned her OQ at the 2019 CIM in Sacramento in 2:44:47.  She ran collegiately at Notre Dame.  She is the founder of Runners Love Yoga and designs activewear for yoga and running.  Mazur teaches running and fitness at the University of Virginia.  She gets workouts in on the job, or afterwards, and thinks she may do much more swimming as exercise than most other runners.

Duriel Hardy of Philadelphia, who ran at Brown University, had an OQ of 2:18:21 at CIM Sacramento in 2019.  It was Hardy’s first and only marathon.  Hardy is a pediatric neurology fellow/MD at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  On regular workdays Hardy does 4 AM runs.  When he is on the 30-hour shift, he does the 4 AM run and then runs immediately after the 30 hours, before settling in.

Alyssa Bloomquist of Simpsonville, SC
Duriel Hardy of Philadelphia, PA
Ann Mazur of Charlottesville, VA
Matthew McDonald of Atlanta, GA
“Meet the 9-5ers,” hosted by Chris Chavez (left) with Duriel Hardy, Alyssa Bloomquist, Ann Mazur, and Matthew McDonald

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