February 2020

by George A. Hancock

Extra Day

Our February has an extra day
And many seek the best way
To enjoy this Leap Year time
Without spending any dime.

Leap Year is an easy correction
Created once for our protection
As we steadily spin on this globe
With tasks mirroring old Job.

There’s no need for wet tears
Leap Year is every four years
February 29 is our extra day
And even falls on a Saturday.

Most runners will go on a run
Perhaps out in the morning sun
Maybe the temps aren’t so cold
Permitting a run strong and bold.

Why waste the day on a couch?
Tired and snarling like a grouch
Enjoy this extra day outside
Mere hours before March’s ride.

 February’s Story

February is filled with event days
So many, too many in this phase
Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl
Create delightful days far from droll.

Hmm, Valentine’s and Presidents’ Day
Creates mid-month weekend play
Perfect timing for those winter weary
Or maybe for those folks 2020 bleary.

For many, February’s story is short
Due to those missing days we report
Normally 28 days but this year 29
And very few will utter a whine.

Now for runners out on the road
Running through winter’s episode
In a season that seems to stay long
We seek signs of any spring song.

Running every winter day is hard
Mother Nature plays her card
So February’s story may soon end
Or not, since winter’s a true friend.

     Freeze Thaw

So, we’re running along the road
Pursuing a later winter episode
When this veteran running guy
Spies cracked roads under the sky.

These fissures are found everywhere
Even in the parking lots they’re not rare
Sidewalks sport many big cracks too
The repair costs will create a Boo Hoo!

Now running along many local roads
In my normal early morning modes
Finds road subsidence on the rise
Treading carefully is for the wise.

The freeze-thaw cycle is the issue
While many grab a clean tissue
Mother Nature slams the cold ground
Do cracking roads make any sound?

These roller-coaster temps feel great
But eventually are less than first rate
Up and down temps crack the ground
So be careful when running around.

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