City Island Race Attracts Runners from Upper Midwest at USRR New Year’s Day Races

by Clay Shaw

HARRISBURG, PA, JANUARY 1, 2020—A cool thing about races in the holiday season, is that many folks from faraway places might be in Central Pennsylvania for the holidays.  Runners from North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, as well as from New Orleans and LA, got together for the fifth annual New Years Day 5K and 10K on City Island.

The temperature was above freezing, which is the good news, but very windy on the bridge and along the Susquehanna River; that’s the bad news.  Some folks were in shorts and T-shirts, others were bundled up, and a few wore face masks, proving everyone is different.

Daryl St. Clair of Dillsburg won the 10K in 38:26, as he edged out the top two 5K runners who started 20 minutes later. St. Clair had a two-minute lead.  Steve Schall of Williamsport was second in 40:59. Both St. Clair and Schall are masters runners.  John Hrabovsky, the runner from Minot, North Dakota, was sixth in 45:12; it was likely a warm day for him.  Kendra Beeman of Harrisburg led the women in 48:53, with another Kendra, Kendra Weible of Morgantown, taking second in 49:08, who was top master. 143 runners completed the 10K. 

Jason Den Bleyker of Mountville, PA, age 19, won the 5K in 19:12.  Drew Mullen of Oak Park, IL was second in 19:23.  Mullen, is a former resident of Central Pennsylvania.  For a cool story and a laugh watch the YouTube video of Deena Kastor, as the new girl at the Oak Park Running Club.  Drew is featured, along with former York star Gary Townsend (who also now lives in Oak Park, IL).   Mullen was the top Master, as Masters filled the remainder of the top five men.  Karyn Ligon of Elizabethville was top woman in 23:51.  Mallory McBreer-Zulick of Minersville was a close second in 23:54.  In fourth was the Minnesota runner, Shelly Tschida, from St. Paul, MN in 24:39.  A special shout-out and well done to 78-year-old Judy Anttonen in 42:58, and what’s her secret?  She’s a competitive swimmer as well.  297 runners finished the 5K.

Drew Mullen of Oak Park, IL was top master, but look at him run with “the new girl” at the running club.

Top Men 5K

  1. 19:12 Jason DenBleyker PA
  2. 19:23 Drew Mullen (45) IL
  3. 19:52 Jonathan Glick (41) PA
  4. 19:57 Jonathan Zuck (50) PA
  5. 21:12 Craig Lowthert (56) PA

Top Women 5K

  1. 23:51 Karyn Ligon PA
  2. 23:54 Mallory McBreen-Zulick PA
  3. 24:38 Meredith Golden PA
  4. 24:39 Shelly Tschida MN
  5. 24:55 Deanna Anderson PA

Top Men 10K

  1. 38:26 Daryl St.Clair (45) PA
  2. 40:59 Steve Schall (47) PA
  3. 42:36 Barry Main PA
  4. 42:41 Mark Smith PA
  5. 44:27 Tony Hancock (46) PA
  6. 45:12 John Hrabovsky ND

Top Women 10K

  1. 48:53 Kendra Beeman PA
  2. 49:08 Kendra Weible (48) PA
  3. 49:13 Erin Rossihnol (42) PA
  4. 50:30 Courtney Lorenz PA
  5. 50:32 Denise Smith (55) PA
Avery Keith of Mechanicsburg completes the 5k in style.
Michael Ball of Wellsville, one of the area good guys, is very close to completing a marathon in each of the 50 states. Just AK and HI to go. Mike did the 10K in 50:35, and who gave him that number?
Kendra Beeman of Harrisburg winning the 10k on a very crowded Walnut Street Bridge.
Karyn Ligon of Elizabethville, PA wins the New Year’s Day 5K in 23:41.
Drew Mullen of Oak Park, Illnois is top master and second overall in 19:23 in the NYD 5K.
Daryl St. Clair of Dillsburg wins the New Year’s Day 10k in 38:26.
Judy Anttonen of Millersville running strong in the 5K.
Jason DenBleyker #26 of Mountville and Drew Mullen #75 of Oak Park, IL take early lead in the New Years Day 5K.

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  1. Great photos and such a fun event.


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