Triathlete Pearson Wins Club XC Open Race in Downpour

By Clay Shaw

BETHLEHEM, PA, DECEMBER 14, 2019—Morgan Pearson of Tinman Elite was the strongest man, as the weather really got wicked for the final race of the day.  Pearson, of Boulder, CO. won in 29:54 and was only man sub-30 on the muddy course. Pearson is a top 25 ranked pro triathlete.   Aaron Templeton, Pearson’s teammate, was second in 30:07. Dillon Maggard of Brooks was third in 30:17.  Marathoner Jacob Riley, another Boulder resident, was fourth in 30:18, running for the Boulder Track Club.  Hillary Bor was fifth in 30:28, Lawi Lalang was sixth in 30:34, and Michael Jordan seventh in 30:35.  All three men run for the US Army.  Jordan Mann was eighth in 30:44, running for the Rhode Island based Ocean State Athletic Club.  The club championship was won by Tinman Elite with Pearson and Templeton taking the top two overall spots, and by Brian Barraza (13th), Reed Fischer (14th), and Connor Winter (17th).  Hoka NJ/NY TC was second, Hoka Aggie Running Club was third.  In the largest and sloppiest race of the day, 617 men finished the 10K race.

Top 25 Men

  1. 29:54 Morgan Pearson Tinman Elite
  2. 30:07 Aaron Templeton Tinman Elite
  3. 30:17 Dillon Maggard Brooks
  4. 30:18 Jacob Riley Boulder Track Club
  5. 30:28 Hillary Bor US Army
  6. 30:34 Lawi Lalang US Army
  7. 30:35 Michael Jordan US Army
  8. 30:44 Jordan Mann Ocean State Athletic Club
  9. 30:46 Travis Mahoney Hoka NY/NJ TC
  10. 30:50 Tai Dinger Movin’ Shoes Running Club
  11. 30:52 Benjamin Kendell Hanson-Brooks Distance Project
  12. 30:55 Zachary Panning Hanson-Brooks Distance Project
  13. 31:01 Brian Barraza Tinman Elite
  14. 31:01 Reed Fischer Tinman Elite
  15. 31:10 Frank Lara Roots Running Project
  16. 31:11 Daniel Winn Brooklyn Track Club
  17. 31:14 Connor Winter Tinman Elite
  18. 31:15 Nathan Martin Great Lakes Running Club
  19. 31:15 Sydney Gidabuday Tinman Elite
  20. 31:16 Collin Leibold Ocean State Athletic Club
  21. 31:20 David Elliott Idaho Distance Project
  22. 31:21 Isaac Updike Hoka NY/NJ TC
  23. 31:26 Eric Holt Garden State Track Club
  24. 31:27 James Wilson Kansas City Smoke
  25. 31:27 Ernie Pitone IV Unattached
USATF Club XC Open Men’s 10K. The final race of the day belonged to Tinman Elite winning the team championships, as well as first and second overall. Morgan Pearson 591 won it, teammate Aaron Templeton 592 was second.
Chris McCabe 209 of Fleet Feet/Mechanicsburg among the 612 runner open men’s 10k race. Benjamin Siqueiros 663, Ryan Irwin 676 of West Valley Track Club, and James Stadler 609 of Tracksmith Hare AC share in the mass pack running.
Morgan Pearson of Tinman Elite leads US Army group led by Hillary Bor 624, Michael Jordan 625, and Lawi Lalang 626. Pearson won, Bor, Lalang, and Jordan placed 4th thru 6th.
Garrett Corcoran of Falls Road Running placed 43rd in the USATF Club XC Championships. Seth Totten 579 of SRA Elite placed 47th, Louis Serafini of Tracksmith Hare AC placed 36th.
Morgan Pearson of Boulder and Tinman Elite powers through the mud, winning in 29:54.
Jordan Mann of Ocean State Athletic Club placed 8th in 30:44.
Jacob Thomson of Boston Athletic Association placed 27th.
Jacob Riley of Boulder Track Club placed 4th overall.
The rains came with an agenda in the final race of the day, turning the finish line mud into pure slippery slop.

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