The RRCA’s Hall of Presidents

It’s an honor to share the photos of all of the Road Runners Club of America’s presidents, from RRCA Founder, Browning Ross to the present president, Mitchell Garner. Former president Harold Tinsley gave us permission to post it. Thank you Harold…

I was fortunate to be RRCA president from 2000-04. I succeeded Don Kardong and was I succeeded by Bee Andrews McLeod. Bee passed away unexpectedly on December 22. The RG family sends its condolences to Bee’s family and friends.

Freddi Carlip

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  1. Congratulations on being with the best Road Runners Club of America Presidents. Starting with Browning Ross, and seeing you following another running icon: Don Kardong. Impressive. Don just retired from being a director of Bloomsday Day race for many years. Good memories! Thanks so much for what you do.

    Take care. Stay Healthy, and keep running. I will do the same at 73.

    All the best!


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