Scott Takes Top Honors at USATF Club XC Masters Women 6K

By Clay Shaw

BETHLEHEM, PA, DECEMBER 14, 2019—Sascha Scott of the Syracuse Track Club had a strong race, winning the Masters women 6K in 22:26.  Margaret Brennan of Asheville Running Collective was second in 22:35.  Nancy James-Klinger of The Janes Elite Racing Club was third in 22:45. Casey Hire of Team Red Lizard was fourth in 22:49.  Brennan Liming of Bull City Track Club was fifth in 22:51.  Laura Latchford of nearby Palmyra, PA, running for the Pike Creek Valley Running Club, was the first runner in her 50s, finishing 9th in 23:17.  Carmen Ayala-Troncoso was the first running in her sixties, placing 50th in 25:19; she ran for Team Rogue.  Kathleen Allen of the Atlanta Track Club was the top seventies runner in 36:17.  The ever-young Heidi Moebius of Lancaster, PA and the Rosemont Running Club topped the eighty-year-olds, by twelve minutes, in 39:31.  288 Masters women finished the muddy course, with some wood chips helping to prevent slips at the slick turns.

The Janes Elite Racing placed first among the teams, led by Nancy James-Klinger, Grace Padilla, Gwendolen Twist, Cambria Wu, and Vivian Hyman.  Team Red Lizard placed second.  The Nittany Valley Running Club placed third.

Top Women

  1. 22:26 Sascha Scott Syracuse Track Club
  2. 22:35 Margaret Brennan Asheville Running Collective
  3. 22:45 Nancy James-Klinger The Janes Elite Racing
  4. 22:49 Casey Hire Team Red Lizard
  5. 22:51 Brennan Liming Bull City Track Club
  6. 22:55 Kelly Couch Impala Racing Team
  7. 22:59 Kelly Griffin Unattached
  8. 23:07 Sara Dunham Unattached
  9. 23:17 Laura Latchford (51) Pike Creek Valley Running
  10. 23:21 Olena Rozhko (46) Garden State Track Club
  11. 23:26 Janet McDevitt (46) Club Northwest
  12. 23:45 Hortencia Aliaga (48) Garden State Track Club
  13. 23:48 Katie Famous Impala Racing Team
  14. 23:50 Grace Padilla (48) The Janes Elite Racing
  15. 23:54 Marisa Sutera Strange (56) Athena Track Club
  16. 23:56 Gwendolen Twist The Janes Elite Racing
  17. 24:00 Crystal Query Team Red Lizard
  18. 24:04 Jill Braley Atlanta Track Club
  19. 24:07 Cambria Wu The Janes Elite Racing
  20. 24:10 Carly Shea Nittany Valley Running Club
  21. 24:13 Janne Heinonen Team Red Lizard
  22. 24:14 Vivien Hyman The Janes Elite Racing
  23. 24:15 Hronn Gudmundsdottir (54) Impala Racing Team
  24. 24:17 Kara Rubinich Athena Track Club
  25. 24:24 Justyna Wilson Greater Philadelphia TC
Jill Braley of Atlanta Track Club focused on the course on way to placing 18th overall. Cambria Wu #2188 of The Janes Elite Racing was 19th. Susan Empey #1974 of Club Northwest was 30th.
Sascha Scott of the Syracuse Track Club leads the masters women 6k. Casey Hire of Team Red Lizard gives chase. Scott won in 22:26. Hire was fourth in 22:49.
Sara Dunham #2192 heads chase pack that includes Kelly Couch #2047 of Impala Racing Team and Nancy James-Klinger of The Janes Elite Racing. Dunham was 8th, Couch was 6th, and James-Klinger was on the podium in third.
Olena Rozhko of the Garden State Track Club looking to party like it’s 1999. Rozhko placed 10th overall, but was 1st 45-49.
Katie Famous of Impala Racing Team (based in San Francisco) placed 13th in the masters race. Grace Padilla #2189 of The Janes Elite Racing was 14th.
Sascha Scott of the Syracuse Track Club wins in 22:26.
Carly Shea of the Nittany Valley Running Club places 20th overall in 24:10.
Jo Rupp of Pittsburgh, and running for Philadelphia Masters, places 36th in 24:50. Tania Fischer of The Janes Elite Racing is 37th in 24:52.
Katherine McCalley of South Jersey AC and Joan Totaro of Bella N Motion both finish in 25:50.
Nittany Valley Track Club team after the Club XC Masters race, From left to right; Jamie Wright, Tara Murray, Carole Dudukovich, Meira Minard, Cheryl Keller Capone.
Heidi Moebius of Lancaster, PA topped all the 80 year olds by 12 minutes.

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