January 2020

by George A. Hancock

January’s Story

January’s story is the first day
The New Year earns a Hooray!
Year 2020 begins a year run
With sadness, angst, and fun.

January’s story is the weather
So snowy it hides the heather
Our green lawns are out of sight
As January’s weather takes flight.

Sometimes January is very mild
We run and we play like a child
January’s sun warms our soul
As we tread in a high-tech sole.

Once January’s story was cold
With only the brave road bold
Running every day for miles
While beaming happy smiles.

Increased daylight is a happy part
As runners perfect their road art
Each January day we move on
Pursuing a warmer spring dawn.

 Icy Roads

Icy roads are a January feature
Irking this early road creature
Motorists now drive too fast
Creating an icy crashing blast.

Vehicles spinning on icy roads
Are frequent morning episodes
Cars smacking a hard snow pile
Never seem to go out of style.

Now I can see that wicked ice
And I know the road is not nice
But motorists with cell phones
Earn distracted broken bones.

I’m touring with my ice spikes
Avoiding those falling strikes
The black macadam is so hard
I prefer to be an upright bard.

Icy roads are a January staple
Just like that dormant maple
We applaud a January thaw
Even if those winds are raw.

     Winter Winds

January features a winter blast
With runs now far from fast
January’s winter winds do blow
Resulting in a reddish facial glow.

Running against the wind is cold
Creating feelings that we’re old
Or running in place very slow
While uttering another, Uh Oh!

January’s wind moves the snow
Across places we used to mow
I often run by a big snow drift
Wondering is this my road gift?

Now this wind and cold rain
Creates an icy seasonal pain
And if not wearing the right gear
Is punishment that many fear.

January’s winds we must endure
It’s part of our road-running allure
Each January day we move along
While January’s winds stay strong.

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