by Clay Shaw

Sparks, MD, November 30, 2019—Langston Gash of Edgewood, MD and a Stevenson University standout won the NCR Half Marathon in 1:11:10.  Ryan Forsyth who ran for the Univ of Colorado was second in  1:12:17.  Jeremy Ardanuy of Baltimore, the 2019 Baltimore Marathon champ, was third in 1:14:32, as he prepares for the Cal International Marathon in Sacramento.  Shawn Loper led masters in 1:21:49, sixth in the men’s race.

Melissa Tanner of Baltimore blitzed the NCR course in 1:18:24, beating all but the podium placing men. Caryn Just of Baltimore was second in 1:24:50.  Carly Spataro of Baltimore was third in 1:25:22. Meaghan Murray of Baltimore was fourth in 1:27:26.  Megan DiGregorio of White Marsh, MD was fifth in a strong women’s field with a 1:27:31. The masters champ Sherry Stick of Eldersburg, MD placed 8th with a 1:31:10. 

457 runners completed the half marathon.

Top Men

  1. 1:11:10 Langston Gash
  2. 1:12:28 Ryan Forsyth
  3. 1:14:32 Jeremy Ardunay
  4. 1:20:33 Joseph Dimarino
  5. 1:21:38 Guadalupe Arriaga
  6. 1:21:49 Shawn Loper (41)
  7. 1:22:20 Martin Angulo (43)
  8. 1:23:27 Rob Santoni (53)
  9. 1:24:08 Mason Campbell
  10. 1:24:10 James Thompson

Top Women

  1. 1:18:24 Melissa Tanner
  2. 1:24:50 Caryn Just
  3. 1:25:22 Carly Spataro
  4. 1:27:29 Meaghan Murray
  5. 1:27:39 Megan DiGregorio
  6. 1:29:59 Susie Bousquet
  7. 1:30:07 Prentiss Clark
  8. 1:31:10 Sherry Stick (41)
  9. 1:31:45 Nicole Clark
  10. 1:31:46 Hyunsun Reilly
Langston Gash, former Stevenson University standout, is well on his way to winning the NCR Half Marathon in 1:11:10.
Jeremy Ardunay of Baltimore places third in 1:14:32 in the NCR Half Marathon, as he prepares for the Cal International Marathon.
Melissa Tanner of Baltimore is tops among women with a 1:18:24, with only the three podium men in front of her.
Rob Santoni on route to a 1:23:27, 8th overall among men, grabs gatorade at the Monkton aid station.
Caryn Just of Baltimore cruises through Monkton on her way to second place with a 1:24:50.
Carly Spataro of Baltimore placed third in the half marathon with a 1:25:22.
Megan DiGregorio of White Marsh placed fifth in the fast women’s field with a 1:27:31
Sherry Stick of Eldersburg, MD heads into the Monkton aid station on her way to top masters honors and 8th overall in 1:31:10.

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