Corcoran Wins NCR Marathon by 12 Minutes

by Clay Shaw

Sparks, MD, November 30, 2019—Garrett Corcoran, former University of California runner now living in Maryland, won the NCR Marathon in 2:28:38.  Graham Peck of Baltimore placed second in 2:41:27.  Michael Nasulta of Baltimore was third in 2:41:43. Ultra runner Jordan Chang of Blacksburg, VA was fourth in 2:42:10.  Matt Boyd, 49, of Fredericksburg, VA was fifth and top master, in 2:47:59.

Tracy Dzibela of Fredericksburg, VA was the women’s champ in 3:02:02. Dzibela, 42, was also top master which hasn’t been unique at NCR Marathon, with several women’s champs over 40 in previous years. Shannon McGinn of Avenel, NJ was second in 3:08:19, also a masters runner.  Amanda Robotti of Brooklyn, NY was third in 3:09:00.  Anna Wenzel of Baltimore was fourth in 3:12:26.  Amy Brown was fifth in 3:14:35.

320 runners finished the NCR Trail Marathon.

Top Men

  1. 2:28:38 Garrett Corcoran
  2. 2:41:27 Graham Peck
  3. 2:41:43 Michael Nasuta
  4. 2:42:07 Jordan Chang
  5. 2:47:59 Matt Boyd (49)
  6. 2:49:31 Daniel Rowe
  7. 2:50:02 Zachariah Nelson
  8. 2:50:59 Steven Hovdesven
  9. 2:53:22 Chris Solarz (41)
  10. 2:56:07 Martin Lanz (46)

Top Women

  1. 3:02:02 Tracy Dzibela (42)
  2. 3:08:19 Shannon McGinn (44)
  3. 3:08:58 Amanda Robotti
  4. 3:12:22 Anna Wenzel
  5. 3:14:45 Amy Brown
  6. 3:18:32 Laura Lunardi (44)
  7. 3:19:41 Luisa Fairfax
  8. 3:25:22 Marie-France Penet (40)
  9. 3:25:49 Joselyn King (44)
  10. 3:27:06 Kalli Riley
Garrett Corcoran, former California Golden Bears runner, had the early lead at Monkton running north. Corcoran increased his lead throughout the marathon to win in 2:28:38.
Michael Nasula of Baltimore placed third in 2:41:43.
Amy Brown placed 5th in 3:14:35
George Banker
Matt Boyd of Fredericksburg, VA was 5th overall and top master in 2:47:59.
Tracy Dzibela of Fredericksburg, VA running strong with 6 miles to go, won the women’s overall title in 3:02:02.
Mike Ravegum of York, PA finished 26th in 3:07:40. Mike did MCM, Harrisburg, and NCR Marathons in five weeks.
Amada Robotti of Brooklyn, NY takes third in 3:09:00. George Ly would place 31st in 3:10:21.
Shannon McGinn of Avenel, NJ is feeling good at 20 miles. She would take second overall in 3:08:19.
Cade Remsburg of W Des Moines, Iowa, and a 50SUB4 finisher, nails another Sub-4, with a 3:40:57.
Lillian Pinault of Baltimore passes an uninterested dog as she went on to a 3:29:55 and 12th woman overall.
Xiomy Manning hears the tears as she leaves Parkton and her family behind with 8 miles to go. Manning finished in 4:35:39.
Ronnie Wong, 73, of Baltimore runs 4:52:58, placing 2nd 70 and up. Wong has a PR of 2:38:34 (Montreal 1984), and has run every NCR Marathon.
Alexis Davidson of Brooklyn, NY race-walks marathons all over the world, and often. He did a 5:11:28, and negative split the course, passing 18 runners in the second half.
Graham Peck of Baltimore moved up to finish second overall in 2:41:27.

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4 replies

  1. So you have any photos of bib 361? My husband was only able to get one photo of me and I was hoping maybe you got some from the NVR marathon last Saturday. Great race! It was my first marathon!


    • Hi Courtney! Congratulations on your first marathon. I suggest you contact the race director. We covered the race as a journalist and do not have photos of each runner. We can check ours next week, but it’s not likely. Sorry.


  2. Hi Clay!
    Thanks for taking and sharing these great pictures! Everyone loves the photo of our family. Is there any way to purchase this picture from you? We would love to display it in our home!

    With thanks,
    Xiomy Manning


  3. I Facebook messaged you. Will be glad to help.


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