Leak and Martino Lead the Diamond Winners

by Clay Shaw

Berwick, PA, November 26, 2019—No Berwick male runner has won the Run for the Diamonds since 1908, the first year it was held.  Dylan Gearinger wanted to change history, had a great start, and led the first three miles to the top of Summerhill.  Suddenly Gearinger grabbed his right leg and was out of the race.  It was a sudden and very sad end to the Berwick native’s race.  Gearinger had just run a 23:51 in the Rothman 8K in Philadelphia the previous Saturday. Colin Leak, a 2:14 marathoner from Chadds Ford, PA, took over the lead and was later challenged for several miles by Alex Price of Bethlehem.  With a mile to go Leak surged on Market street, and set up his 46:13 winning time.  Alex Price finished 15 seconds later in 46:48. Trevor Conde (AKA Trevor Van Ackeren) of Easton was third in 47:09.  Paul Thistle of Capitol Heights, MD, the 2013 champ, was fourth in 48:03.

Chris McCabe who recently moved to Cohoes, NY was fifth in 48:17. Chris Mullin of Eagleville, PA was sixth in 48:22, as both men scored in the diamonds.  Benjamin Fox of Santa Barbara, California earned the 7th spot and the final diamond with a 49:16.  The final three diamonds go to the top men in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  Joey Zins of Export, PA ran 51:44 to place 18th and win the 40’s diamond.  Sean Robbins of Dallas, PA earned the 50’s diamond in 56:49.  Greg Cauller of York, PA won the 60’s diamond in 59:47. It was Cauller’s 15th lifetime diamond; some call him “The Diamond Guy.” The men’s course record of 43:21, set by Pete Pfitzinger in 1980, was safe for another year. 

Marina Martino of Dallas, PA won the Run For the Diamonds for the second time with a 54:43. In 2015 she won as Marina Orrson.  Rosie Moscoli of Wayne, PA, a regular in the top seven women, was second in 55:43.  Emily Shertzer of Jonestown, PA, who turned 40 on November 19, was third in 56:09.  Shertzer earned double diamonds as first 40’s athlete and third overall.  Clare Schoon of Scranton was third in 56:29.  Katherine Sick of Millville, PA was fifth in 56:43.  Karaleigh Foster of Knoxville, TN was sixth in 57:30.  Foster won four times, 2012-14, and again in 2017. Her 2014 win set the course record of 50:33. Whitney Heydenreich of Danville took the final diamond in 58:17. Laura Yoder of Fleetwood, PA won the 50’s diamond in 1:08:48. Kate Fisher of Watsontown, PA was the 60’s winner in 1:10:34.

The Berwick Marathon Association and race director Margaret Livsey put on this historic Thanksgiving Day race in grand fashion every year, no matter what weather.  This 110th running had 1136 finishers.

Top Men

  1. 46:33 Colin Leak PA
  2. 46:48 Alex Price PA
  3. 47:09 Trevor Conde PA
  4. 48:03 Paul Thistle MD
  5. 48:17 Chris McCabe NY
  6. 48:22 Chris Mullin PA
  7. 49:16 Benjamin Fox CA
  8. 49:32 Colin Kelly PA
  9. 49:48 Zachary Hoagland PA
  10. 50:05 Tanner Cook TN
  11. 50:31 Mitchell Martin PA
  12. 50:48 Fred Joslyn PA
  13. 50:58 Matthew Lutcza PA
  14. 51:05 Zachary Davis PA
  15. 51:08 Mason Kimball PA
  16. 51:12 Joshua Velez PA
  17. 51:21 Andrew Ferretti PA
  18. 51:44 Joey Zins (40s) PA
  19. 51:53 Christian Schaaf PA
  20. 51:58 Garth Watson PA

Top Women

  1. 54:47 Marina Martino PA
  2. 55:46 Rosie Moscoli PA
  3. 56:09 Emily Shertzer (40s) PA
  4. 56:29 Clare Schoon PA
  5. 56:43 Katherine Sick PA
  6. 57:30 Karaleigh Foster TN
  7. 58:17 Whitney Heydenreich PA
  8. 1:00:17 Hannah Coffin AL
  9. 1:00:34 Brenda Hodge (40s) PA
  10. 1:01:20 Alexandra Bull AUS
  11. 1:01:57 Amy Vin PA
  12. 1:02:05 Jenny Yonick PA
  13. 1:02:56 Samantha Snead PA
  14. 1:03:54 Yelena Share PA
  15. 1:03:55 Amy Kile MN
  16. 1:04:10 Tracy Yutko PA
  17. 1:04:16 Tina Bartolomew (40s) PA
  18. 1:04:53 Gina Morgan PA
  19. 1:04:54 Sarah Dickes PA
  20. 1:04:58 Tamara Pavlov PA
Start of the 2019 Berwick Run for the Diamonds
Dylan Gearinger leads the over 1100 runners up Market Street in Berwick.
Colin Leak of Chadds Ford, PA has a lead on Alex Price of Bethlehem on the descent from Summerhill.
Call it the stink eye or whatever you wish, all runners get a peak at who is behind them on this critical turn near the halfway point. Colin Leak knows he has competition.
Colin Leak eyes the turn onto Market Street in the final mile, ready to make his move. Alex Price challenged Leak for several miles.
Colin Leak of Chadds Ford, PA wins the 110th Run For the Diamonds in 46:33. Holding the finish banner (left) is 4-time winner Matt Gillette, who was injured and unable to race.
Marina Martino of Dallas, PA heads down the gauntlet of cheering spectators as she wins her second Run For the Diamonds title in 54:47.
Rosie Moscoli of Wayne, PA. charges toward the finish in second place with a 55:46.
Emily Shertzer of Jonestown, PA, who turned 40 on November 19, double dipped diamonds with a third place overall and top master in 56:09.
Chris McCabe of Cohoes, New York (it’s near Albany), finishes 5th in 48:17. McCabe recently moved to New York State from Carlisle.
Benjamin Fox of Santa Barbara, California earns the final diamond by finishing seventh in 49:16.
Eric Wolfgang of York, PA finishes 29th in 53:46. Wolfgang is a Bloomsburg University grad.
Alex Bull was seeded perfectly with a 10th place finish in 1:01:20. Bull who grew up in Berwick, now resides in Ballerat, Australia.
Mitchell Martin of Berwick places 12th overall in 50:31, earning the top Berwick male title.
Joey Zins of Export, PA. wins the 40’s diamond, with a 51:44 that placed him 18th overall.
Sean Robbins of Dallas, PA earns the 50’s diamond with a 56:55. Eli Zakarian of Danville, earns the same time 56:55.
Roger Davis of Rydal, PA running his 45th consecutive Berwick. Davis ran 1:06:44.
Carmella DiPippa of Bloomsburg races her 36th Run For the Diamonds.
Jen Reams of Bridgeport, WV races in Thanksgiving Day colors,.
Kathy Purtell of Endwell, New York races in colorful Thanksgiving garb.
Marina Martino of Dallas and Colin Leak of Chadds Ford, the 2019 Run For the Diamonds champs.
TOP WOMEN: Martino, Moscoli, Schoon, Sick, Foster, Heydenreich. (Missing is 3rd/top master Shertzer)
Top 7 MEN: Leak, Price, Conde, Thistle, McCabe, Mullin, Fox. (From left to right by place)
Master Diamond winners: Laura Yoder 50’s, Joey Zins 40’s, Kate Fisher 60’s, Greg Cauller 60’s, and Sean Robbins 50’s.
Greg Cauller of York, and Mike Smith of Lebanon, top 60 year olds. Cauller won the 60’s diamond with a 59:47. Smith, who won it in 2018, was second in 1:02:26.

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