Philadelphians on Podium at Rothman Institute 8K

by Clay Shaw

PHILADELPHIA, PA, NOVEMBER 23, 2019—Many competitive prize-money races are won by Kenyans and Ethiopians, and the Rothman Institute 8K was no exception.  It is always nice to see the local athletes break through with great performances. 

Lawrence Kipkoech, a Kenyan based in Durham, NC broke away from the pack to win handily in 23:17.  Eluid Ngetich, a Kenyan based in Goshen, CT was second in 23:29. Ngetich won both the Rothman 8K and the half-marathon in 2015 when they were held a day apart. Philadelphian Chris Hatler was third in 23:36. Benson Kiema, a Kenyan based in Van Wert, OH was fourth in 23:46.  Another Philly guy, Dylan Gearinger, was fifth in 23:51.  Gearinger is from Berwick, PA, and has often placed in the Diamonds in that town’s iconic Run For the Diamonds nine miler on Thanksgiving Day.  (110th Running in 2019, look for coverage and photos in RG!) Masters runner Chris Naimoli of Philadelphia won in 24:33, placing 13th overall.  Brock Butler of Chester Springs, PA was second Master and 20th overall in 25:03.  In total 19 men were at or under 25:00 even. 

Nuhamin Bogale Ashame of Ethiopia won in 26:29.  Nuhamin is based in New York City while in the USA, and recently won the Half Marathon at the Hartford Marathon.  Catherine Mwanzau, a Kenyan based in Lansing, MI was second in 26:27.  Christine Ramsey of Philadelphia was third in 27:17.  She’s one of my favorite runners in the region and it’s always great to see her do well.  I’m the elite athlete coordinator at the Race Against Racism 5K in Lancaster and Christine has been the women’s champion the past two years.  Lindsay Oremus of Bryn Mawr was fourth in 27:55.  Kate MacCary of New York City was fifth in 27:58. The Masters champ was 51-year-old Laura Latchford of Palmyra, PA. with a 29:51 placing 20th in the deep and competitive field.  4125 runners completed the 8K.

Top Men

  1. 23:17 Lawrence Kipkoech KEN
  2. 23:29 Eliud Ngetich KEN
  3. 23:36 Chris Hatler PA
  4. 23:46 Benson Kiema KEN
  5. 23:51 Dylan Gearinger PA
  6. 24:15 Matthew Kazanjian PA
  7. 24:20 Ryan Archer NY
  8. 24:20 Dennis Kipkosgei KEN
  9. 24:23 Gregory Morgan PA
  10. 24:23 Paul Matuszak PA
  11. 24:26 Simon Voorhees PA
  12. 24:30 Henry Woods PA
  13. 24:33 Chris Naimoli (40) PA
  14. 24:37 Adam Hearn DC
  15. 24:38 Moath Alkhawaldeh JOR
  16. 24:48 Isaac Bryan PA
  17. 24:52 Stephen Gomez NY
  18. 24:52 Adam Malek RI
  19. 25:00 Joshua Sadlock PA
  20. 25:03 Brock Butler (42) PA

Top Women

  1. 26:09 Nuhamin Bogale Ashame ETH
  2. 26:27 Catherine Mwanzau KEN
  3. 27:17 Christine Ramsey PA
  4. 27:55 Lindsey Oremus PA
  5. 27:58 Kate MacCary NY
  6. 28:07 Maria Seykora PA
  7. 28:28 Rolanda Bell PAN
  8. 28:32 Veronica Eder PA
  9. 28:35 Stephanie Knast PA
  10. 28:36 Rosie Mascoli PA
  11. 28:45 Corinne Fitzgerald NY
  12. 28:48 Maryann Gong NY
  13. 28:55 Abigail Taylor NY
  14. 29:08 Caroline Yarbrough NY
  15. 29:12 Clare Schoen PA
  16. 29:16 Erin Kelly DC
  17. 29:18 Alana Jacaruso PA
  18. 29:27 Elizabeth Swierzbinski DE
  19. 29:43 Amanda Ray NY
  20. 29:51 Laura Latchford (51) PA
Eliud Ngetich of Kenya (with shades) has a step on the rest of the leaders. Lawrence Kipkoech of Kenya (left) won it. Others include Paul Matuszak 35033, Dylan Gearinger 35017, and Benson Kiema.
Catherine Mwanzau of Kenya duels with Nuhamin Bogale Ashame of Ethiopia in the Rothman 8K.
Nick Seitzinger of Reading, PA says hello while running a 28:24.
Lauren Opachinski of Brighton, MA was 35th in 31:32. Greg Cauller of York, PA was 1st in the 60’s in 31:08.
Lawrence Kipkoech of Kenya, and recent grad of Campbell University won the Rothman 8K in 23:17.
Paul Matuszak of Philadelphia placed 10th in 24:23.
Strength in numbers, teammates Stephen Woods was 12th, Simon Voorhees was 11th, Gregory Morgan 9th. Masters star Chris Niamoli was 14th and top master.
Otis Ubriaco of Lancaster was 27th in 25:22. Otis won the 2019 Lancaster Red Rose Run in June.
Nuhamin Bogale Ashame of Ethiopia on her way to winning Rothman 8K in 26:09. Colin McGrath of New York City, runs along side of her.
Christine Ramsey of Philadelphia was third in the Rothman 8K in 27:17, and was first USA.
Elizabeth Swierzbinski of Wilmington, DE ran 29:27 for 18th.
Laura Latchford, 51, of Palmyra, PA. was top master, and was 20th overall in 29:51.
Leah Mayer of New Providence, PA was 39th in 31:59 in the deep Rothman 8K field.
Doreen McCoubrie of West Chester, PA. runs 32:58 to win 55-59 Age Group.
Julie Pangburn of Downingtown, PA ran 34:22.
Gene Dykes, 71, ran all three events in Philadelphia, fast.
Jeffrey Hill of Katy, TX founder of the 50SUB4 club, came to Philly with his family and did all three events.
Rothman Institute 8K runners head towards the Philly skyline.

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