Ngandu, Chepngeno Win Dietz & Watson Half Marathon

By Clay Shaw

PHILADELPHIA, PA, NOVEMBER 23, 2019—James Ngandu of Kenya, and living in Van Wert, OH, won the Dietz & Watson Half Marathon in 1:02:16. Ngandu was in a three-man pack with Minnesota based Kenyans Panuel Mkungo, and Daniel Kemoi.  Mkungo was second in 1:02:27, and won the event in 2017.  Daniel Kemoi was third in 1:02:52, and knows Philly well after winning two consecutive Broad Street Runs.  Former Widener University runner Ernie Pitone of Springfield, PA was fourth in 1:04:12.  Evans Kurui of Kenya, and Grand Prairie, TX was fifth in 1:06:33.

Vicoty Chepngeno of Kenya, and Grand Prairie, TX won in 1:09:09, by over two minutes. Vicoty won her 17th road race of the season out of 25 races.  She won Flanigan’s Rockin’ Tib 10K in Davie, FL on Nov 17, and eight other East African athletes in the Philadelphia fields ran there as well.  Leslie Sexton of Kingston, Ontario, Canada was second in 1:11:22.  Ivy Kibet of Kenya was third in 1:11:29.  Jaci Smith of Colorado Springs was fourth in 1:12:40.  Cleo Boyd, also from Kingston, Ontario, Canada was fifth in 1:14:25.  York White Rose Run winner, Georganne Watson of Lititz ran a PB of 1:19:51, placing 15th and first Pennsylvanian.  The Half Marathon had 11,534 runners, just edging the marathon for the largest total of the three races.

Top Men

  1. 1:02:15 James Ngandu KEN
  2. 1:02:27 Panuel Mkungo KEN
  3. 1:02:52 Daniel Kemoi KEN
  4. 1:04:13 Ernie Pitone PA
  5. 1:06:34 Evans Kurui KEN
  6. 1:06:45 Kyle Mueller NJ
  7. 1:07:09 Charlie Lawrence MI
  8. 1:07:21 Owen Dawson PA
  9. 1:07:35 Alex Archer PA
  10. 1:07:51 JR Creekmore DE
  11. 1:07:52 Calvin Lehn MN
  12. 1:08:18 Benjamin Raymond CAN
  13. 1:08:24 Alexander Arslan NY
  14. 1:08:40 Ryan Herlihy PA
  15. 1:08:59 Qadree Counsel PA
  16. 1:09:13 Patrick McKeon CO
  17. 1:09:16 Tom Hogarty NJ
  18. 1:09:17 Francis Labreque CAN
  19. 1:09:19 Ryan Mitchell PA
  20. 1:09:45 Matt Kane PA

Top Women

  1. 1:09:09 Vicoty Chepngeno KEN
  2. 1:11:22 Leslie Sexton CAN
  3. 1:11:29 Ivy Kibet KEN
  4. 1:12:40 Jaci Smith CO
  5. 1:14:25 Cleo Boyd CAN
  6. 1:15:42 Amanda Marino NJ
  7. 1:16:43 Victoria Graziano MA
  8. 1:16:58 Waverly Neer NY
  9. 1:18:17 Angela Ortiz NY
  10. 1:18:49 Nicolette Mateescu NJ
  11. 1:18:54 Pia Nehme LEB
  12. 1:18:57 Sasha Golish CAN
  13. 1:19:26 Alexandra Niles NJ
  14. 1:19:39 Nicolette St.Lawrence NY
  15. 1:19:51 Georganne Watson PA
  16. 1:21:11 Emmi Aguillard LA
  17. 1:21:28 Jenny Goswami PA
  18. 1:21:45 Victoria Siemon CAN
  19. 1:21:51 Sarah Heins PA
  20. 1:21:52 Suzanne Jakes MD
Game faces and Nike shoes, elite women await start of Dietz and Watson Half Marathon in Philadelphia. Angela Ortiz, Nicolette St.Lawrence, Vicoty Chepngeno, Ivy Kibet, and Georganne Watson await the start.
Dietz & Watson Half Marathon kicked off the three race weekend.
Dietz and Watson Half Marathon start. Amanda Marino of Asbury Park, NJ, and Veronica Grazian of Somerville, MA both placed in the top seven
Emiliano Nivon of Tula de Allende, Hidalgo, Mexico finishes in 1:23:59 with his flag.
Gritty ready to run the Dietz and Watson Half Marathon.
Ernie Pitone of Springfield, PA cruises by the Phillies Mural crossing the bridge on Walnut Street, on his way to 4th overall and first USA in 1:04:13.
Amanda Marino of Asbury Park, NJ runs by the Phillies Mural on Walnut. David Scholl of Jenkintown, PA gives chase.
Veronica Graziano of Somerville, MA placed 7th in 1:16:43.
Georganne Watson of Lititz, PA. runs a 1:19:51 to place 15th, and was 1st woman to finish from Pennsylvania.
Nicolette Mateescu of Kendall Park, NJ placed 10th.
Jerey Matula of Lancaster placed 57th in 1:16:12.
Michelle Wheeler wins the Dietz and Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon wheelchair competition.
James Ngandu of Kenya, and Van Wert, Ohio wins the Dietz & Watson Half Marathon in 1:02:16.
Vicoty Chepngeno of Kenya wins Dietz & Watson Half Marathon in 1:09:09.
Leslie Sexton of Kingston, Ontario, Canada finishes second in 1:11:21.
Jenny Goswami of Gladwyne, PA places 17th in 1:21:28.
Owen Dawson of State College, PA placed 8th in 1:07:21.

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