Yigezu, Gemeda Win Rainy Philadelphia Marathon

by Clay Shaw

PHILADELPHIA, PA, NOVEMBER 24, 2019—Diriba Yigezu of Ethiopia, made the podium in 2018 in third place.  Competitive and not satisfied, Yigezu return to Philadelphia to win in 2019, in 2:16:31.  Yigezu is based in New York City, and had to deal with cold, rainy conditions.  Milton Rotich, a Kenyan based in Albuquerque, NM, was over two minutes back, in 2:18:49.  Former Harvard runner Connor Reck of Minneapolis, MN was third in 2:19:28. Urgesa Figa, an NYC based Ethiopian was fifth in 2:19:40.  In total 10,045 finished the rainy (and very snowy for the later finishers) marathon.  Besides the Ethiopians and Kenyans, there were lots of International runners competing.  Two men from Canada, and one from Poland, and Norway placed in the top 20.

Feyne Gudeto Gemeda of Ethiopia set a new course record of 2:32:49. Serkalem Abrha also from Ethiopia had the record of 2:32:53, set last year.  Abrha was back to defend her title, but sadly had a DNF, just after halfway.  Viola Bor of Kenya, based in Toledo, OH was second in 2:40:00. Former Penn State runner, Katie Rodden of Cherry Hill, NJ who had an OQ and sixth place finish in 2018, moved up to the podium and lowered her PR to 2:40:50.  Anne-Marie Comeau of St.Ferreol les Neiges, Quebec was fourth in 2:41:10.  Comeau was on Canada’s Winter Olympic team as a cross-country skier.  Allison Goldstein of Jersey City was fifth in 2:44:14. Sixth place finisher Andrea Bradshaw of New York City had an OQ of 2:44:15 in her debut at the marathon distance.  Grace Bowen of New York City (2:44:49, 7th place), and Gabrielle Drummond of Somerville, MA (2:44:52, 8th place), also made the OQ standard.

Top Men

  1. 2:16:31 Diriba Degefa Yigezu ETH
  2. 2:18:49 Milton Rotich KEN
  3. 2:19:28 Connor Reck MN
  4. 2:19:40 Urgesa Kedir Figa ETH
  5. 2:20:26 Chase Pizzonia NY
  6. 2:20:41 Zachary Barker PA
  7. 2:22:21 Glen Burkhardt SC
  8. 2:23:07 Alexis Lavoie-Gilbert CAN
  9. 2:23:15 Stephen Paddock CT
  10. 2:24:43 Sam Geha NY
  11. 2:24:59 Tom Derr VA
  12. 2:25:57 Mark Hopely VA
  13. 2:26:08 Max Petrosky PA
  14. 2:26:34 Michael Cassidy NY
  15. 2:27:15 Milan Duka CT
  16. 2:28:24 Wojciech Kopec POL
  17. 2:28:29 David Savard-Gagnon CAN
  18. 2:28:35 Kristian Tjornhom NOR
  19. 2:28:52 James Kelly NY
  20. 2:29:24 Colin Carroll MA

Top Women

  1. 2:32:49 Feyne Gudeto Gemeda ETH
  2. 2:40:00 Viola Bor KEN
  3. 2:40:50 Katie Rodden PA
  4. 2:41:10 Anne-Marie Comeau CAN
  5. 2:44:14 Allison Goldstein NJ
  6. 2:44:15 Andrea Bradshaw NY
  7. 2:44:49 Grace Bowen NY
  8. 2:44:52 Gabrielle Drummond MA
  9. 2:45:45 Samantha Creath NY
  10. 2:46:31 Heidi Peoples PA
  11. 2:48:20 Kaitlin Sheedy MA
  12. 2:50:46 Allison Kelley VA
  13. 2:52:27 Gillian Pease NY
  14. 2:52:28 Lauren Kelly PA
  15. 2:52:41 Ildiko Gaal MA
  16. 2:52:59 Brittany Leuenberger PA
  17. 2:53:04 Ravenna Neville MA
  18. 2:63:04 Tracy Guerrette ME
  19. 2:53:53 Elizabeth Ehrhardt CO
  20. 2:54:15 Sarah Bowles SC
Philadelphia Marathon 2019 start. Over 10,000 finished despite the cold rain.
Former Shippensburg University runner Ethan Rissell (right) was first Philadelphia resident to finish. He was 44th in 2:35:01. Franklin and Marshall Track Club runner John Matthews was 84th in 2:41:23.
Anne-Marie Comeau of St Ferreol les Neiges, Quebec had the early lead in the Philadelphia Marathon at 7 Miles. Comeau, who was in the Winter Olympics as a cross-country skier, placed 4th in a personal best of 2:41:10.
Gabrielle Drummond of Somerville, MA gives a big smile as she ran an OQ of 2:44:52 to place 8th.
Rebecca Snelson of New London, CT placed 21st in 2:54:21.
Amanda Sherf of Norman, Oklahoma placed 30th in 2:56:58.
Diriba Degefa Yigezu of Ethopia (#3, in red) won the Philadelphia Marathon in 2:16:31. Milton Rotich #13 of Kenya was second in 2:18:49. The two other guys dropped out.
Diriba Yigezu #3 of Ethiopia, and Milton Rotich #13 of Kenya lead the Philadelphia Marathon just after halfway. Yigezu in 2:16:31, Rotich was 2nd in 2:18:49.
Connor Reck of Minneapolis, MN placed 3rd in 2:19:28. Urgesa Kedir Figa of Ethiopia was 4th in 2:19:40.
Zachary Barker of Wyomissing, PA was 6th in 2:20:41, and was first from Pennsylvania.
Alexis Lavoie-Gilbert of Levis, Quebec, Canada flies through the halfway point on his way to 8th place and a 2:23:07.
Wojciech Kopec of Olsztynek, Poland placed 16th in 2:28:24.
Feyne Gudeto Gemeda of Ethiopia on way to setting a new course record of 2:32:49. Feyne broke the record by four seconds.
Katie Rodden of Cherry Hill, NJ gets on the podium in 3rd place with a new personal best of 2:40:50.
Andrea Bradshaw of New York City gets a OQ and a PB with a 2:44:15, good for 6th place.
Strength in numbers, especially in bad weather. Kaitlin Sheedy of MA, Grace Bowen of NYC, Kimberly Bolick of MA, Allison Goldstein of NJ, and Samantha Creath of NYC, all hoping for the magic day. Goldstein and Bowen had OQ/PB’s. Couldn’t ID the dude.
Former York College of PA runner Andrew Friesema sets a new personal best of 2:47:26.
Joel Embiid of Cameroon, just kidding it’s Matthew Roeder of Berwyn, PA who ran 2:56:08 in Sixers jersey.
Gene Dykes, 71, of Bala Cynwyd, PA does all three Philadelphia Marathon weekend events with a 3:27:25 marathon.

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  1. Andrew Friesema ran at York College. Ethan Rissell ran at Shippenburg.


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