Hoagland, Fuller Dominate in Rainy Hershey

by Clay Shaw

HERSHEY, PA, OCTOBER 20, 2019–Zachary Hoagland of Hatfield, PA led the 3158 finishers on a rainy, cold morning.  Hoagland won in 1:10:55; Robert Reynolds of Mechanicsville, Virginia was second in 1:11:13.  Daniel Nieswender of Bloomsburg joined them on the podium in third place with a 1:13:11. 

Katie Fuller of Mechanicsburg led the 1925 women who finished, with a time of 1:27:27.  Kierra Zack of Dillsburg had the second fastest gun time of 1:28:36.  Katie Jury of Halifax had the third fastest gun time of 1:28:45.  In chip time, the gals were reversed with Jury at 1:28:18, and Zack at 1:28:21.  Due to the rain, I chose to photograph near mile 12 and make a quick getaway, so I really don’t know who crossed the line first or how the awards were given. 

Josh Irvan (49) of Downingtown was the top male Master, running 1:20:48 and placing 19th.  Janelle Seip (41) of Jonestown ran 1:39:06 gun/1:35:04 chip time for top Master (?).  Megan Dodson (43) of York had a 1:38:39 gun time and a 1:37:41 chip time.  Depending on how you look at it, they both could be top Master.

This was the 10th Running of the Hershey Half Marathon.  Runners have raised over one million dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network in the “Sweetest Spot on Earth.”

Top Men

  1. 1:10:55 Zachary Hoagland
  2. 1:11:13 Robert Reynolds
  3. 1:13:11 Daniel Nieswender
  4. 1:15:19 Benjamin Jones
  5. 1:15:25 Nathaniel Alter
  6. 1:15:33 Will Sponaugle
  7. 1:16:15 Lyle Stauffer
  8. 1:17:08 Noah Brady
  9. 1:17:40 Jordan Cruise
  10. 1:17:40 Tyler McFeaters

Top Women

  1. 1:27:27 Katie Fuller
  2. 1:28:36 Kierra Zack
  3. 1:28:45 Katie Jury
  4. 1:30:55 Kelsey Suponcic
  5. 1:31:58 Nina Razavi
  6. 1:32:15 Sarah Delia
  7. 1:34:16 Kristen Steudel
  8. 1:34:30 Rachel Lilley
  9. 1:35:14 Danielle Cardone
  10. 1:36:21 Rae Dennis

(All Listed by Gun Time)

Katie Fuller of Mechanicsburg, smartly drafts behind a tall male runner, as she won in 1:27:27.
Robert Reynolds of Mechanicsville, Virginia fronts the 4-man lead pack. Daniel Nieswender of Bloomsburg (hat), Zachary Hoagland (in back), and Nathaniel Alter #39 of Lancaster.
Yancy Maranan of Lancaster had a 1:24:13 PR, despite the pouring cold rain.
Valerie Sullivan of State College gives a thumbs up on way to a 1:38:58.
Sarah Delia of Lancaster finished 6th in 1:32:15.
Megan Dodson of York, top master by gun time, with a 1:38:39.
Lindsay Pridgen on way to new PR of 1:37:30.
Justin Lee of Columbia, PA, all smiles, runs 1:40:46.
Hershey Park Happy. Having fun in the Hershey rain
Kierra Zack of Dillsburg was second female in 1:28:36. Brayden Marshall, 14, of Winfield, WV finished 38th in 1:28:12.
Starters slap five with Hershey candy.

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  1. Great photos…they make me feel freezing cold!!
    Large field – would love to do this race some day.


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