Baltimore Marathon Running Festival 2019

by Clay Shaw

Ardunay, Atabek Win Baltimore Marathon

BALTIMORE, MD, OCTOBER 19, 2019—It was going to be a solid training run in prep for the California International Marathon (Sacramento, CA in December).  After a 5:15 first mile, uphill, Jeremy Ardunay was committed, and had the lead.  Ardunay would run alone the entire way, and go on to win in 2:27:17.  It was a new PR for Ardunay, and he got the heroes’ ride from his Faster Bastards running group at the award ceremony.  Michael Wardian of Arlington, Virginia, now 45, was second overall in 2:35:09.  Wardian has a remarkable resume, including a marathon on all seven continents in seven days.  He won them all, with an average time of 2:45.  Andrew Madison of Catonsville, MD was third in 2:41:06. 

Natalie Atabek of Bethesda, MD won the women’s overall title in 2:59:16.  Atabek will soon be moving to Baltimore.  Elena Makarevich of Gaithersburg, MD was second in 3:03:00.  Lizzie Royer of Baltimore was third in 3:05:04 in her debut marathon.  Hannah Tropf of Silver Spring, MD, wife of 2016 men’s champion Jordan Tropf, was fourth in 3:13:36.  Master runners Patricia Walsh of Severn, MD and Denise Knickman of Baltimore, finished three seconds apart.  Walsh was 6th overall in 3:18:35.  Knickman was 7th overall in 3:18:38.  Knickman is 51 and still running strong.  2154 runners finished the 2019 Baltimore Marathon on a perfect weather day in Charm City.

Top Women

  1. 2:59:16 Natalie Atabek
  2. 3:03:00 Elena Makarevich
  3. 3:05:04 Lizzie Royer
  4. 3:13:36 Hannah Tropf
  5. 3:15:26 Betsy Hudson
  6. 3:18:35 Patricia Walsh (44)
  7. 3:18:38 Denise Knickman (51)
  8. 3:19:16 Danielle Bowen
  9. 3:20:44 Renee Dant (42)
  10. 3:22:26 Mikka MacDonald

Top Men

  1. 2:27:17 Jeremy Ardanuy
  2. 2:35:09 Michael Wardian (45)
  3. 2:41:06 Andrew Madison
  4. 2:41:51 Max Haiss
  5. 2:44:59 Marcus Hershberger
  6. 2:45:29 Terry Tossman
  7. 2:45:41 Juan Carrillo
  8. 2:47:27 Daniel Rowe
  9. 2:49:56 Jeremy Pevahouse
  10. 2:50:14 Matthew Dyjack
Baltimore Marathon 2019 start. Podium guys, Michael Wardian 30, Jeremy Ardunay 1, and Andrew Madison 10, get off quickly.
Jeremy Ardunay wins the Baltimore Marathon in 2:27:17 much to the delight of Mayor Jack Young (right) and the Ravens cheerleaders.
Natalie Atabek of Bethesda, MD wins the Baltimore Marathon in 2:59:16.
Michael Wardian of Arlington, VA finishes second overall in the marathon in 2:35:09. Michael then greets Baltimore Mayor Jack Young with a handshake.
Elena Makarevich of Gaithersburg, MD finishes as second woman in the Baltimore Marathon with a 3:03:00.
Andrew Madison of Catonsville was third in the marathon 2:41:06.
Lizzie Royer of Baltimore places third in 3:05:04, in her debut at the marathon distance.
Hannah Tropf of Silver Spring, MD on way to fourth place in 3:13:36. Hannah’s husband, Jordan, won the Baltimore Marathon in 2016.
Hannah Tropf of Silver Spring, MD closes in on the halfway point in the marathon.
Patricia Walsh of Severn, MD places 6th and first master in 3:18:35. Denise Knickman of Baltimore was just three seconds back in 3:18:38. Denise, 51, was second master and 7th overall.
Denise Knickman of Baltimore, running great at 51. Denise placed 7th among women overall, and second master.
Brendan O’Kane of Baltimore was 11th in 2:50:48.
Jamie Sheahan of South Burlington, Vermont places 13th among women, with a 3:24:46.
Takashi Maruyama of Tokyo, Japan finishes 15th overall and third master with a 2:52:11.
Paige Bell of Frederick, MD finishes 15th in 3:27:50.
Jeremy Ardunay of Baltimore gets the “heroes ride” from his Faster Bastards Running Group after his overall victory in the marathon.
Jana Fridrichova of Hagerstown, MD placed 22nd among women and 5th master in 3:30:53.
Maurice Pointer of Baltimore won the 60-64 age group with a 3:14:33.
Baltimore Marathon starts in front of Camden Yards, home of the Orioles.
Alexander Byrnes of Tunkhannock PA is pleased with his 2:57:13, good for 20th Place.
Alexander Byrnes

Tyler Muse Dominates Half Marathon

Tyler Muse of Bel Air, MD won the Half in 1:09:04.  Muse won by over three minutes.  The banner holders put the banner out for Zach Kaminski of Elkton, MD, who placed second in 1:12:46.  Kaminski finished with gusto thinking perhaps he did win.  (You never know what could happen).  Jim Heilman of Lutherville was third in 1:12:55.  Brendan Lilley of Baltimore was top Master in 1:18:04, placing 9th overall.

Kaitlyn Govatos of Edgewater, MD won the women’s division in 1:23:46.  Amy Hansen of Auburn, Alabama was second in 1:24:39.  Meaghan Murray of Baltimore was third in 1:27:36.  6904 runners finished the half-marathon.

Top Men

  1. 1:09:06 Tyler Muse
  2. 1:12:46 Zach Kaminski
  3. 1:12:55 Jim Heilman
  4. 1:15:18 Conor Murphy
  5. 1:15:35 Adam Sachs
  6. 1:16:50 Jesse Henderson
  7. 1:17:21 Ted Terpos
  8. 1:17:37 Jonathan Cheng
  9. 1:18:04 Brendan Lilley
  10. 1:18:45 Andrew Roach

Top Women

  1. 1:23:46 Kaitlyn Govatos
  2. 1:24:39 Amy Hansen
  3. 1:27:36 Meaghan Murray
  4. 1:29:04 Cody Mezebish
  5. 1:29:55 Kiera Zitelman
  6. 1:30:32 Elizabeth Hill
  7. 1:30:53 Laura Duklewski (43)
  8. 1:31:56 Tracy Frew
  9. 1:32:11 Sarah Stolp
  10. 1:32:21 Julie Brown
Tyler Muse of Bel Air, MD won the Half Marathon by over three minutes. Tyler’s winning time was 1:09:06.
Kaitlyn Govatos of Edgewater, MD wins the Half Marathon in 1:23:46.
Zach Kaminski of Elkton, MD thinking he might have won in 1:12:46, but alas he was second to Tyler Muse. Not sure why the banner was put up for him. LOL, it made for a good photo.
Amy Hansen of Auburn, Alabama finishes second among women in the half marathon with a time of 1:24:39.
Meaghan Murray of Baltimore finishes third in the half marathon, with a 1:27:36.
Julie Deanehan of Baltimore was 4th woman in the BaltiMORON-a-thon competition (the 5K plus the Half Marathon).
Sarah Stolp of Fort Walton Beach, Florida finishes ninth in half marathon with a 1:32:03.
Karen Rooney 41440, and Carly Spataro 11440, finish the half marathon together in 1:33:32.
Gavin Tabb runs the half marathon in 1:34:08. Morgon Corwine completes the BaltiMORON-a-thon (the 5K plus the half marathon).
Emily Lobach of Naples, FL runs the half marathon in 1:47:28.

Schindler, Davis Rock the 5K

Charlie Schindler of Severn Park, MD won the Belcara Health 5K in 15:49.  Sean Starkloff of Belcamp, MD was second in 16:18.  Jackson Waller of Baltimore was third in 16:47.

Allison Davis of Baltimore was the women’s champion, in 17:58.  Shreya Narayan of Cottage Grove, Oregon was second in 18:39.  Alana MacDonald of Baltimore was third in 18:51.  Ten women broke the 20-minute mark, among the total 5549 finishers.

Top Women

  1. 17:58 Allison Davis
  2. 18:39 Sherya Narayan
  3. 18:51 Alana MacDonald
  4. 18:54 Nilani Duarte
  5. 19:24 Megan DiGregorio

Top Men

  1. 15:49 Charlie Schindler
  2. 16:18 Sean Starkloff
  3. 16:47 Jackson Waller
  4. 16:56 Varun Mishra
  5. 17:04 Christopher Decamps
Allison Davis of Baltimore wins the Belcara Health 5K in 17:58.
Charlie Schindler of Severna Park, MD. wins the Belcara Health 5K in 15:49.
Megan DiGregorio of White Marsh, MD placed 5th in the 5K in 19:24 and then did TV analysis work for WBAL during the marathon.
Jackson Waller of Baltimore, age 16 gets on the 5K podium with a third place finish in 16:47.

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