Brigid Kosgei Rocks Chicago with World Record on Magic Day

by Clay Shaw
Photography by Karen Mitchell

CHICAGO, IL, OCTOBER 13, 2019—Brigid Koskei of Kenya, who has been unbeatable throughout 2019, came into Chicago confident and ready. On September 8, Kosgei had set a new women’s world record of 1:04:28 at the Great North Run Half Marathon in Great Britain.

On marathon day Kosgei went out fast, with only male pacers Geoffrey Pyego and Daniel Limo with her. Afterwards she gave credit to them for protecting her from the winds. She said the headwinds could have “pushed her down” without the benefit of the two pacemakers. By the time she finished, Kosgei had shattered the 17-year old world record by winning in 2:14:04. (Paula Radcliffe’s 2003 WR of 2:15:25 was set in London.) Kosgei’s splits were nearly identical; she ran a perfect race. Joining Kosgei on the podium were Ethiopian runners, Ababel Yeshaneh (2:20:51), and Gelete Burka (2:20:55).

It was also a great day for USA women. Emma Bates of Idaho led the way with a new personal best of 2:25:27 and fourth place overall. Bates left the Ben Bruce pace group and found male runners, who she didn’t know (but would like to thank), to run with as she moved forward running strong throughout the race. Fionnuala McCormack of Ireland took fifth in 2:26:47. The cross country great has wanted to break the 2:30 mark for quite some time, and did it in a big way. Stephanie Bruce of Flagstaff, AZ was sixth and the second USA runner with a PR of 2:27:47. Lindsay Flanagan who grew up in Roselle, IL in the Chicago area took seventh overall and third USA with a 2:28:08. Flanagan now lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado. Laura Thweatt of Superior, CO made a great comeback run with a 2:29:06 and eighth overall after a few frustrating years with injuries. Lisa Weightman of Australia was ninth in 2:29:45 and was top master. Taylor Ward of Ogden, Utah was tenth and fifth American in a new personal best of 2:30:14. On a day with good temperatures for running fast, several elites had personal bests. 58 women broke 2:45, 83 women broke 2:50, and 204 women broke the three-hour mark.

The men’s field featured former Chicago champions Mo Farah 2018, Galen Rupp 2017, and Dickson Chumba 2015. In the end it was a four-man sprint finish with 2019 Boston champion Lawrence Cherono winning in 2:05:45. Dejene Debela of Ethiopia, was just one second back, taking second place in a PR of 2:05:46. Asefa Mengstu of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia took third in 2:05:48. Bedam Karoki of Kenya finished fourth in a PR of 2:05:53. Bashir Abdi of Belgium was fifth in 2:06:14 and lowered his PR and his national record.

Jacob Riley of Boulder, Colorado led the American men with a huge PR of 2:10:36, placing ninth overall. Riley stated that his time was well beyond his expectations of 2:11 to 2:13. After three years of Achilles issues which included surgery, Riley said he “felt good and closed it in.” He credits the other Americans that ran in a pack of 15 for many miles, sharing the lead and working together. Jerrell Mock of Fort Collins was second USA with a 2:10:37 in his first marathon. Parker Stinson of Boulder was third USA in a PR of 2:10:53. Andrew Bumbalough of Concord, MA was fourth USA with a PR of 2:10:56. Matthew McDonald of Atlanta was fifth overall with a PR of 2:11:10. Americans Scott Smith, Brendan Gregg, Noah Droddy, Wilkerson Given, and Diego Estrada were all in the 2:11’s on the magic day in Chicago. 47 men broke 2:20 and 131 men broke 2:30 in one of the most competitive races in the world.

Top Women

  1. 2:14:04 Brigid Kosgei KEN
  2. 2:20:51 Ababel Yeshaneh ETH
  3. 2:20:55 Gelete Burka ETH
  4. 2:25:27 Emma Bates ID
  5. 2:26:47 Fionnuala McCormack IRL
  6. 2:27:47 Stephanie Bruce AZ
  7. 2:28:08 Lindsay Flanagan CO
  8. 2:29:06 Laura Thweatt CO
  9. 2:29:45 Lisa Weightman (40) AUS
  10. 2:30:14 Taylor Ward UT
  11. 2:31:44 Madai Perez MEX
  12. 2:31:49 Sarah Sellers AZ
  13. 2:32:06 Anke Esser GER
  14. 2:33:16 Shiho Kaneshige JPN
  15. 2:33:47 Mia Behm NY
  16. 2:34:37 Jennifer Bergman CO
  17. 2:35:28 Lindsey Anderson ID
  18. 2:35:31 Alyssa Schneider IL
  19. 2:35:41 Julia Roman-Doval MD
  20. 2:36:23 Marie-Ange Brumelot FRA

Top Men

  1. 2:05:45 Lawrence Cherono KEN
  2. 2:05:46 Dejene Debela ETH
  3. 2:05:48 Asefa Mengstu ETH
  4. 2:05:53 Bedan Karori KEN
  5. 2:06:14 Bashir Abdi BEL
  6. 2:08:35 Seifu Tura ETH
  7. 2:09:11 Dickson Chumba KEN
  8. 2:09:58 Mo Farah GBR
  9. 2:10:36 Jacob Riley CO
  10. 2:10:37 Jerrell Mock CO
  11. 2:10:53 Parker Stinson CO
  12. 2:10:56 Andrew Bumbalough MA
  13. 2:11:02 Minato Oishi JPN
  14. 2:11:10 Matthew McDonald GA
  15. 2:11:14 Scott Smith AZ
  16. 2:11:38 Brendan Gregg CA
  17. 2:11:42 Noah Droddy CO
  18. 2:11:44 Wilkerson Given GA
  19. 2:11:54 Diego Estrada AZ
  20. 2:12:25 Tsubasa Hayakawa JPN
Daniel Romanchuk of Champaign, IL leads the way in successful defense of his title. Daniel pushed to a 1:30:26 clocking.
Manuela Schar of Switzerland pushes to second straight Chicago win, in 1:41:08.
Tatyana McFadden of Clarksville, Maryland pushes to second overall in 1:45:22.
USA top men pace group pass the Chicago Theater.
Ben Bruce (official pacer) paces his wife Stephanie Bruce. Others include Emma Bates, Anke Esser of Germany, and Fionnuala McCormack of Ireland.
USA women on the move. Mia Behm #721 of Brooklyn, NY ran 2:33:47. Sarah Sellers of Tucson, AZ had a 2:31:49 PR, Taylor Ward ran a PR of 2:30:14.
USA men’s pace group includes Jerrell Mock, Brendan Gregg, and Andrew Bumbalough. All three would have spectacular marathons.
Gelete Burka of Arsi, Ethiopia placed third in 2:20:55. Burka won the Paris Marathon earlier in 2019.
Emma Bates, Lindsay Flanagan, and Fionnuala McCormack in PR setting group early in the race.
Taylor Ward of Ogden, Utah leads Jennifer Bergman of Boulder, CO in the early miles on LaSalle Street. Ward was 5th USA in 2:30:14, and Bergman was 8th USA in 2:34:37. PR’s for both.
Julia Roman-Duval of Columbia, Maryland did a new PR of 2:35:41 and placed as 11th USA.
Mo Farah of Teddington, Great Britain runs through Chicago Chinatown. The defending champ, Sir Mo, placed eighth in 2:09:58.
Jacob Riley of Boulder, CO led the USA runners with a 2:10:36 PR, 9th overall. Jerrell Mock of Fort Collins, CO was just one second back in 2:10:37 in his debut. Parker Stinson of Boulder was third USA in 2:10:53, a PR. Matthew McDonald (red) of Atlanta was 5th USA in 2:11:10, and yep, a PR, too. Nice touch with USA flag above the group in Chicago’s Chinatown.
Andrew Bumbalough of Concord, MA runs a 2:10:56, shattering his PR. Andrew placed 4th USA and 12th overall in Chicago’s deep field.
Noah Droddy of Boulder, CO leads group of USA men, Wilkerson Given of Atlanta, and Brendan Gregg of Davis, CA. All three ran in the 2:11’s.
Brigid Kosgei of Kenya is well on her way to a new world record of 2:14:04. Pacers Geoffrey Pyego, and Daniel Limo led the way.
Ababel Yeshaneh of Ethiopia placed second in 2:20:51, she also lowered her personal best in Chicago.
Emma Bates of Boise, Idaho was the top American. Emma placed 4th overall in a new PR of 2:25:27.
Stephanie Bruce of Flagstaff, AZ follows her husband Ben (official pacer) on way to PR of 2:27:47 for sixth overall and second USA. Fionnuala McCormack of Ireland also got a PR, by running 2:26:47 to place fifth.
Lisa Weightman of Australia places 9th in 2:29:45. Weightman was first master (runner over 40).
Lindsay Flanagan of Boulder, CO on way to PR and 7th overall in 2:28:08. Lindsay was third USA.
Laura Thweatt of Superior, CO charges through Chinatown, on way to 2:29:06 and eighth place. Laura was 4th USA.
Taylor Ward of Ogden, Utah had a great day. Taylor ran a new PR of 2:30:14, placing 10th overall and 5th USA.
A man in a business suit nears mile 22 in Chinatown. Pepe Rojas of Los Angeles ran 2:52:53 placing 1015th.

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  1. Great photos! Everyone had a fun day!


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