Navarro Family Dominates at Sasquatch Trail Runs

by Clay Shaw

YORK COUNTY, PA, SEPTEMBER 7, 2019—Starting, finishing, and hosted by South Branch Farms, with a beautiful landscape just south of York and just north of Seven Valleys, the Sasquatch Trail 5K and 10K are trail runs with all the fun of crossing the Codorus Creek.

Two years ago race director Sean Kenny combined the Sasquatch 5K (held near Mt Wolf) with the Thoroughbred 10K (held on the South Branch Farms).  The races do draw about the same number of participants as the separate races used to.  Farm & Natural Lands Trust was founded in 1990, and is dedicated to preservation of the finest agricultural and environmental lands for future generations to enjoy.  Over 11,000 acres of York County have been protected already.

In the 10K Garrett Patrick led the men in 43:17, Riley Andridge was second in 45:52, Joe Nardo was third in 46:03.  Eric Ferree was fifth and first Master in 46:48.

Marathon runner Tanya Navarro of Seven Valleys was top female and top Master in 56:06.  Jamie Kinsley (57:21), and Tasha Bittinger (58:41) joined Navarro on the podium.  148 finished the 10K.

In the 5K, Ian Moore won in 25:03.  The Navarro girls were first and second.  Leah Navarro age 9 won in 25:49, with sister Isabella “Bella” Navarro in second at 26:24.  Times, of course, are rather irrelevant due to the obstacles, rope bridges, creek crossings. The participants sure seemed to have fun, and were fed well by the White Rose Bar & Grill after finishing.  206 finished the 5K, with both races having a combined 354 finishers.

10K Top Women

  1. 56:06 Tanya Navarro (49)
  2. 57:21 Jamie Kinsley
  3. 58:41 Tasha Bittinger
  4. 59:39 Brady Crone (45)
  5. 59:52 Nicole Cassel (42)

10K Top Men

  1. 43:17 Garrett Patrick
  2. 45:52 Riley Anderson
  3. 46:03 Joseph Nardo
  4. 46:30 Sam Baum
  5. 46:48 Eric Ferree (41)

5K Top Women

  1. 25:49 Leah Navarro
  2. 26:24 Isabella Navarro
  3. 27:10 Deanna Anderson

5K Top Men

  1. 25:03 Ian Moore
  2. 25:04 Jesse Martin
  3. 25:35 David Paul (46)
Tanya Navarro #362, and Jamie Kinsley #334 take charge of the women’s overall 10K race. Navarro won, Kinsley was second.
Brittany Hanchett is all smiles at the start of the 10k. Former YRRC club president Doug Barnett #267 is also enjoying a gorgeous September morning.
Rich Erdlen of the Flying Feet Racing Team, runs across the water.
Garrett Patrick wins the 10k by over two minutes in 43:17.
Aimee Peeling, all smiles finishing the Codorus Creek crossing in the 10K.
Nicole Cassel crosses the creek in the 10k on route to 5th place female.
Kathy Mensinger smiles during Codorus Creek crossing.
Leah Navarro leads the 5K through the South Branch of the Codorus Creek. Leah was first, and sister Isabella was second.

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