Miranda Powers Through Rail Trail, Repeats as Champion at Arc of York County 10 Miler

by Clay Shaw

YORK, PA, AUGUST 24, 2019—Luis Miranda of Lebanon PA won his second straight York Rail Trail 10 Miler.  Miranda sprinted to the start, barely making it in time, and continued his fast running towards York.  The 21st running of the Arc of York County York Rail Trail 10 Miler started in Seven Valleys and toured the little borough briefly before entering the rail trail after running through a kind person’s grass.  Yes, the race has permission to do that.  Miranda won in 55:11.  Andrew Friesma of York was second in 57:25.  Alec Wetchor was third and last of the sub-60-minute finishers.  Joshua Jamison of York was the top Master and fifth overall in 1:02:10. 

Cindy Conant, age 58, of Kensington, MD knew the course from running the York Marathon in May, finishing fourth in 3:32.  Conant led all the women with a 1:09:07 to win, and was the only woman to finish under 70 minutes.  Ava Mancini was second in 1:11:52.  Shauna DeLong of Lemoyne, PA was third in 1:12:47.

288 finished the 10-mile event, which starts in Seven Valleys PA and runs north on the York Heritage Rail Trail and finishes just before Princess Street in the City of York.  

Top 10 Men

  1. 55:11 Luis Miranda
  2. 57:25 Andrew Friesema
  3. 59:17 Alec Wetchor
  4. 1:02:02 JD Groff
  5. 1:02:10 Josh Jamison (41)
  6. 1:03:30 Shawn Michal (40)
  7. 1:03:36 Benjamin Abeles (40)
  8. 1:03:44 Dylan Ackerman
  9. 1:03:53 Ryan Myers
  10. 1:04:36 James Theisen

Top 10 Women

  1. 1:09:07 Cindy Conant (58)
  2. 1:11:52 Ava Mancini
  3. 1:12:47 Shauna DeLong
  4. 1:15:45 Denise McMillan (48)
  5. 1:17:49 Briana Hackos
  6. 1:18:35 Judy Roche (53)
  7. 1:18:59 Hannah McCoy
  8. 1:19:01 Suzanne Loucks
  9. 1:19:20 Krystal Tormala
  10. 1:19:35 Kelly McKinley (41)
Seven Valleys, PA where the York Rail Trail 10 Miler starts with a loop in town, then onto the rail trail.
Andrew Friesma of York has put the rest of the field behind while running second place, finishing in 57:25, nearly two minutes ahead of third.
Josh Jamison heads through Glatfelter Station on way to 5th place overall and top master, in 1:02:10
Shawn Michal #199 heads group that includes Jason Collopy #305. and Ryan Myers. Michal placed 6th and 2nd master in 1:03;30.
Cindy Conant leads the women. Conant who is 58, won the women’s overall by over two minutes, in 1:09:07.
Luis Miranda of Lebanon PA powers through Brillhart Station with a two-minute lead. Miranda would win in 55:11.
Shawn Whitecomb of York places 16th/5th master in 1:07:53. Christopher Esh #215 would place 17th. Read about Whitcomb’s remarkable recovery in RG at https://runnersgazette.com/2019/07/04/whitecomb-conquers-boston-marathon-seven-months-after-breaking-his-neck/
Ava Mancini is happy, and would place second in 1:11:52.
Briana Hackos placed fifth overrall, gets some advice and company from Leo Miller.
Kelly McKinley of York makes a charge with less than a mile to go to move into the top ten. Kelly finished tenth in 1:19:35.
Loren Gifford #145, and Amy Hartman #303 on the home stretch of the York Rail Trail 10 Miler.
Cindy Conant 58 of Gaithersburg, MD on way to overall women’s victory in 1:09:07.
Patty Hall of York says hey.
Heidi Moebius of Lancaster, age 80, one of the best in the world at 80.
Team Ashley enjoys the York Rail Trail 10 Miler.
Sharon Gleespen #186 and Sarah Cregger #297 try to stay ahead of the Sean Potts Group behind them.

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