Joslyn, Drewes Crush Fast, Flat Harrisburg Half

by Clay Shaw

HARRISBURG, PA, SEPTEMBER 8, 2019—Fred Joslyn of Mt Holly Springs, PA., who has battled lingering hamstring injuries for the past three years, sailed to a 1:11:52 victory at the Harrisburg Half Marathon.  Fred was quite pleased with how he felt, so much so that he even took the fireball shot on the home-stretch toward the finish.  The course now features three bridge crossings, and runs entirely on the top level along the Susquehanna River, with an awesome finish straightaway on Front Street.  The cooler weather was also a factor in many runners running PRs.

Luis Miranda of Lebanon, PA continues to improve, and was a solid second place in 1:14:16, sporting his usual RWB vest.  Christopher Desilets of Highland Ranch, Colorado was third in 1:16:45. On a personal note, this is where our niece,Tori, and her family live.  Cem Aslan of Camp Hill, who had a PR of 1:19:10 was fourth and top Master.  Andrew Razanauskas of Carlisle was fifth in 1:20:57.

Bailey Drewes, was only topped by the first four men.  In a Google search, Drewes has an Olympic marathon qualifier.  Her hometown is listed as Bemidji, Minnesota, and more recently Ithaca, NY.  She entered the race late, and no hometown was listed.  Regardless, she dominated the women’s race by winning by over four minutes, in 1:20:17.  Baltimore gals Meaghan Murray (1:24:59), and Lizzie Royer (1:27:06) took the other two podium spots with great times.  Shelby Joslyn (Fred’s wife, but you knew that) was fourth in 1:29:41, as she prepares for the Chicago Marathon.  Jen Esposito of Kutztown, PA was fifth and top Master in 1:30:42. 

In total 679 finished, as the final participant finished in 4:15:44. 

Top Men

  1. 1:11:52 Fred Joslyn
  2. 1:14:16 Luis Miranda
  3. 1:16:45 Christopher Desilets CO
  4. 1:19:10 Cem Aslan (45)
  5. 1:20:57 Andrew Razanauskas
  6. 1:24:47 Daryl St.Clair (43)
  7. 1:25:15 Joshua Jamison (41)
  8. 1:25:20 Shawn Michal (48)
  9. 1:25:30 Jesse Smith (46)
  10. 1:26:10 Chad Custer
  11. 1:26:10 Christian Carabello (49)

Top Women

  1. 1:20:17 Bailey Drewes MN
  2. 1:24:59 Meaghan Murray MD
  3. 1:27:06 Lizzie Royer MD
  4. 1:29:41 Shelby Joslyn
  5. 1:30:42 Jen Esposito (46)
  6. 1:32:04 Michelle Chaffin (42)
  7. 1:32:28 Juliana Ross
  8. 1:32:50 Kristin Snyder
  9. 1:34:34 Lauren Cramer MD
  10. 1:37:52 Krista Rownd
  11. 1:38:11 Allison Luttermoser FL
Bailey Drewes of Bemidji, Minnesota runs away with the women’s title in 1:20:17. Drewes won by over four minutes.
Fred Joslyn of Mt Holly Springs wins the Harrisburg Half in 1:11:52.
Fred Joslyn and Luis Miranda ran together early in the Harrisburg Half Marathon.
Christopher Desilets of Highland Ranch, Colorado is third overall in 1:16:45.
Josh Jamison of York was 7th Overall and 3rd master in 1:25:15.
Meaghan Murray of Baltimore places second in 1:24:59.
Jen Esposito of Kutztown, PA is 5thF overall and top master, in 1:30:42.
Kim Braught of Lancaster heads to the finish with a Baltimore Ravens fan.
Kelly McKinley of YORK powers off the Harvey Taylor Bridge on way to personal best.
Kelly McKinley of York set a PR of 1:42:40, as good prep for her first ultra in October.
Jeff Paladina of New Cumberland, PA ran a 1:47:50 Personal Best.
Anne Greenwalt of Camp Hill heads for the finish on Front Street.
Allison Luttermoser of Miami, FL is 11th Female, in 1:38:11.
The 1:55 Pace Group at the Harrisburg Half Marathon.

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