Ardanuy, Slick Conquer Dreaded Druid Hills

by Clay Shaw

BALTIMORE, MD, AUGUST 17, 2019—Jeremy Ardanuy of Baltimore, who won the Kelly Shamrock 5K in March, and placed on the podium of the 2018 Baltimore Marathon, continued to dominate the roads of Baltimore with a 33:06 winning time. 

Tristam Thomas took second in 34:27, with Langston Gash of Edgewood, MD third with a 35:00.  Kristaps Lizins, who placed fifth in the 2018 York White Rose Run was fourth in 35:16.

Sherry Stick of Sykesville, MD was the women’s champion in 41:33. The Masters star has been a frequent winner in many Maryland and Pennsylvania races.  Lena Mathews was second in 43:32.  Katie Brookes was third in 43:51.  Veteran elite marathoner Denise Knickman (now 51) took fourth in 43:58. 

335 runners finished the hilly 10K on a hot and humid summer morning.  The race was directed by elite runner Megan DiGregorio. 

Top 10 Women

  1. 41:33 Sherry Stick (41)
  2. 43:32 Lena Mathews
  3. 43:51 Katie Brookes
  4. 43:58 Denise Knickman (51)
  5. 44:42 Suzanne Korff
  6. 44:56 Kate Deanehan (41)
  7. 45:05 Teresa Wojtasiewicz
  8. 46:05 Megan Viviano
  9. 46:27 Jenny Resetar
  10. 49:07 Ann Fraker (53)

Top 10 Men

  1. 33:06 Jeremy Ardanuy
  2. 34:27 Tristam Thomas
  3. 35:00 Langston Gash
  4. 35:16 Kristaps Lizins
  5. 35:44 Kevin Ford
  6. 35:54 Lance Dockery
  7. 36:31 Brett Sanborn
  8. 36:48 Henry Burt
  9. 36:59 Garrett Corcoran
  10. 37:20 Michael Blake
Dreaded Druid Hills 10K start. Your photographer nearly missed the race. Thankfully no traffic issues driving down from York.
Jeremy Ardanuy of Baltimore cruises to 33:06 victory on a hot humid morning in the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K.
Sherry Stick of Sykesville was first overall in 41:33.
Kristaps Lizins places fourth in 35:16.
Lena Mathews was second woman in 43:32.
Garrett Corcoran placed 9th overall in 36:59. Yeah, I like the Cal Bears shirt.
Denise Knickman was fourth overall and top master in 43:58.
Andrew Cantor and Brendan Lilley of the Falls Road Racing, race each other on the final downhill stretch.
Teresa Wojtasiewicz placed 7th in the DD Hills 10K in 45:05.
Allison Sauntry placed 11th in 50:06.
Maureen Hall charges through the Dreaded Druid Hills, best Orioles fan ever.
Charles Brenton of Philadelphia wins the 70+ in 53:07.

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