Sadlock, Leighton Finish Before Dark in HARRC in the Dark 7K Wins

by Clay Shaw

HARRISBURG, PA, AUGUST 16, 2019—Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg, who lives across the street from the course, held on the east bank of the Susquehanna River, easily won the Friday evening event in 22:22. 

MacCoy Benzen of Camp Hill was second in 23:19. Benzen is a  newcomer to the area from Plymouth, MN. William Howard was third in 23:43.   The first Master was Cem Aslan of Camp Hill in 25:08, placing fifth.  Of note was Gary Grobman of Harrisburg, age 66, who placed tenth overall in 30:15 and obviously won his age group.

Kelly Leighton of Harrisburg led the women in 30:31.  Rachel Aslan was second in 30:57.  Katherine Shank (age 56) of Camp Hill was third overall in 32:17 and first Master. 

The race was directed by Emily Melton, and staffed by loyal HARRC members; a clever course that uses the Harrisburg Greenbelt river paths, and bypasses the busy highway by running under it on the lower level.  No police or professional traffic personnel needed.  117 total finished, and yes, many did finish in different levels of darkness.

Top Women

  1. 30:31 Kelly Leighton
  2. 30:57 Rachel Aslan
  3. 32:17 Katherine Shank (56)
  4. 33:07 Tara Kline
  5. 33:18 Emily Menotti
  6. 33:23 Amy Sipe (43)
  7. 35:14 Sayra Keelan
  8. 35:37 Heather Roe (40)
  9. 37:11 Katherine Roba
  10. 37:20 Brielle Foley

Top Men

  1. 22:22 Josh Sadlock
  2. 23:19 MacCoy Benzen
  3. 23:43 William Howard
  4. 24:13 David Schofield
  5. 25:08 Cem Aslan (43)
  6. 28:33 Timothy Ranck (42)
  7. 29:39 Matthew Byers
  8. 29:42 Bradley Yehl
  9. 30:00 Robert Sisock
  10. 30:15 Gary Grobman (66)
Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg charges to a big lead along the Susquehanna River. Sadlock won in 22:22.
Amy Sipe and Heather Roe from York both placed in the top ten overall and were #2 and #3 masters at the HARRC in the Dark 7K.
MacCoy Benzen #202 is from Minnesota, but he powered through the humidity to place second. David Schofield #197 placed fourth.
Gary Grobman, 66 running strong and placing tenth overall in the HARRC in the Dark 7K, in 30:15.
Kelly Leighton #135 running with a large group, would break away and place first among women, in 30:31.
Katherine Shank running along the Susquehanna places third overall and first master in 32:17.
Jessica Byerly #90 placed 11th and fourth master in 37:23.
117 runners finished the 2019 HARRC in the Dark 7K on August 16th. Looks like at least half of them made it into this photo along the Susquehanna.
Daddy is too sweaty! Margot likes having her photo taken but not too close to daddy, race winner Josh Sadlock.
Rachel Aslan places second overall in 30:57.
Shawn McClearn places 37th, just thought it funny that the folks who crossed the path behind him needed to carry that white dog.
Jen Cadenhead, the ultra runner is all smiles as she finishes the 7K
Patricia Parker gives a smile and thumbs-up as she runs 49:50.

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