September 2019

by George Hancock

We begin our September days
Perhaps some in a thick daze
Time slipped away from them
While runners utter an Ahem!
Daily runners out on the move
Are in a true seasonal groove
We watch the daily road sights
Like these migratory bird flights.
September brings the fall season
A great time to run with reason
Like autumn colors on the trees
So delightful on running sprees.
Or, refreshing cooler weather
That slows our green heather
From growing fast as we slow
Down amidst this autumn glow.
Daylight continues to shrink
A sight that needs more ink
Since many folks stay inside
Forgoing a true autumn ride.
     George A. Hancock
September 2019

Meteorological autumn is the first
Autumn has arrived with a burst
Seasonal energy is on the loose
Some folks panic like a goose.
Labor Day ends summer’s run
Soon we’ll enjoy autumn fun
Colorful trees and cooler days
But less daylight creates brays.
Football season is really here
Did you hear that loud cheer?
The local apple harvest is in
Fresh apples fill every bin.
Of course, schools continue on
Students leaving right at dawn
For another school learning day
This hard work and years do pay.
30 days in our September run
Are filled with autumn fun
 So this fall run continues on
During September’s marathon.
         George A. Hancock
 Apple Days
The apple harvest is in
Creating a raucous din
Apples are a tasty treat
Delighting this athlete.
Red Delicious are great
Eaten raw or on my plate
Sliced in small chunks
For peanut butter dunks.
Apple days are here
Many utter a cheer
Honeycrisp are in first
Always with a juicy burst.
Running hard and fast
Requires fuel that lasts
Apples are that food
And soothe my mood.
Will the harvest be rich?
Now I’m no road snitch
But locally it looks fine
So, from me no whine.
  George A. Hancock

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